Working With Children: What Training?

Do you like taking care of children and want to make it your job? Doing a CAP in Early Childhood Educational Support (AEPE) will allow you to work in a job related to the supervision of children. But what does this training consist of? What are the other trainings that can enable you to work with children? We answer you in this article.

CAP Early Childhood Educational Support (CAP AEPE)

It is a basic state diploma in early childhood professions. The examination is also organized each year at the national level by the Ministry of National Education. When you obtain this CAP, you can exercise certain professions such as: early childhood animator, auxiliary childcare assistant, auxiliary or nursery agent. The training is done today by correspondence and lasts 2 years on average. It is necessary to have the level of the third class, at least, before enrolling in this online course, click here for more information on the subject. This training allows you to acquire many skills to support the development of children and offers you the following advantages:

– access to innovative educational tools – 92% satisfaction rate – 95% success rate – a "Graduated or Reimbursed" guarantee – correspondence courses meeting the National Education and Academies standards – access to self-help forum between learners – inexpensive training of very high quality

In addition, this training allows you to continue your studies towards: the State Diploma of Caregiver, the State Diploma of childcare assistant, the Bac pro Accompaniment, care and services to the person option A (to home) and option B (in structure). Thanks to this CAP you can for example participate in certain entrance examinations such as: ATSEM (Specialized Territorial Agent for Nursery Schools) or even Early Childhood Educator DEJE (Early Childhood Educator Diploma).

Training to pass the ATSEM competition

The Specialized Territorial Agent for Nursery Schools (ATSEM) helps nursery school teachers on a daily basis. Its role is essential to the good organization of a class, but also to the maintenance of the hygiene and the safety of the children. For this reason, the ATSEM competition is open to graduates of the CAP Educational Support for Early Childhood (CAP AEPE) or parents of at least 3 children. People eligible for this competition must pass a written test (MCQ) and an oral test so that we can assess their knowledge of the public service as well as their skills to claim the job of ATSEM.

Maternal assistance training

The maternal assistant generally contributes to the good development of children from 0 to 6 years old in the stages of daily life (hygiene care, naps, meals, walks and games). This training is open to anyone with a 3rd grade school level.

Training to pass the State Childcare Diploma (DEP)

When you hold a State Diploma in Nursing and you have already completed a year of specialization combining internships and theory in an approved school for early childhood training, you can obtain any State Diploma in Childcare. Specialized in early childhood, the childcare worker is a nurse who works in collaboration with the midwife and watches over newborns by providing them with the necessary care.

Training to pass the State Diploma of Early Childhood Educator (DEEJE)

It is a competition accessible especially to holders of the baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma as well as to childcare assistants with 3 years of experience. It makes it possible to recruit educators who will be able to ensure the development and fulfillment of children under the age of 7 by creating a stimulating environment conducive to their artistic, intellectual and emotional awakening. This competition also includes a written and oral test. It requires a certain amount of authority, creativity, a keen sense of organization and responsibility.

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