Parcel Asylum: Discover The Parcel Asylum Direct Marketing Technique

While the development of e-commerce and that of home delivery service evolve on parallel trajectories, the marketing sector is also seeking to find new methods to take advantage of the expectations of today's consumers. This is why we are seeing a return to favor of parcel packing, a practice born many years ago with distance selling and which is regaining some of its former glory thanks to the explosion of sale via the networks and associated deliveries. Focus.

Parcel asylum, a practice in full resurrection

If you have already ordered on the Internet, you surely already have an idea of ​​what parcel asylum is. This technique consists of including flyers or product samples in the delivery packages, more or less in tune with the nature of your order. The idea of ​​parcel asylum is to reach a large number of consumers in a targeted and non-intrusive way in order to offer them products that may potentially interest them.

This technique is not new since it was already used by the historical players in distance selling. Nevertheless, the resurgence of home delivery, driven by the perpetual growth of online sales, has enabled this practice to be brought up to date. And with the health crisis and the surge in demand on the Internet, it's a safe bet that the practice will continue. Especially since it responds perfectly to many concerns of today's consumers.

How will Parcel Asylum allow you to deliver advertising to the right prospects?

Although with the rise of the internet, e-tailers are comfortably lining their pockets thanks to the millions of sales made on the internet, there are also other players who can take advantage of these sales. Indeed, it is possible to reach prospects according to orders, parcels and many other purchases made using the Internet, at a time when monitoring on the Internet is increasingly critical, it seems to us the right time for you to discover the parcel asylum.

Indeed, thanks to this technique as old as the world, you will not only have the opportunity to follow the movement, but also the opportunity to acquire new customers thanks to very precise targeting according to the needs you have. In short, do not hesitate to come and discover the parcel asylum and the many benefits to which you are subject if you manage to master the parcel asylum. Do not hesitate to get closer to specialized websites in order to find out more about parcel asylum and other ways of being able to collect a very nice sum with the help of very well targeted prospects.

The advantages of parcel asylum

Parcel asylum is often compared to the Trojan Horse of Greek Mythology. Still, the metaphor is perhaps a bit too belligerent. This advertising medium is indeed much less intrusive than direct calls or mailing campaigns and it is a gentle method that can even be interpreted as a gift when the samples included in the package are relevant and fit perfectly into the tastes of the intended target.

Better still, the parcel asylum also responds to the ecological concerns of the public since it makes it possible to limit the transport of parcels and shipments by inserting advertising within the parcels. The most appropriate metaphor to describe this practice would therefore rather be that of carpooling and its green and friendly spirit. Finally, the parcel shelter is also a great opportunity for small retailers to rely on the power of the big brands and the extent of their audience to make themselves known.

Properly carry out your package asylum campaign

To succeed in an effective parcel collection campaign, it is first necessary to clearly define its target. You need to ask yourself about the interests of your audience and the potential products, other than your own, that interest them. This point is decisive because it will define the type of asylum seekers to whom you will have to turn. Then, you will need to design effective communication media. In this area, the possibilities are numerous but again, it is a question of finding the most effective vector for your company.

Most opt ​​for the informative flyer or the catalog but it is also possible to go further and offer reduction coupons, gift certificates or samples of a product panel. Choose carefully what will hook your targets the most depending on the nature of your business. Finally, you will also need to measure the results of your campaign in order to analyze it and, possibly, optimize it during the next iteration. So be sure to check your performance in the weeks following the launch of the campaign!

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