The Best Ways to Be Peaceful With Your Accounting When You're Freelancing

Whatever your industry, becoming a freelancer has many advantages. In terms of financial freedom and independence, you start your business with the satisfaction of being your own boss. Compatible with various professional sectors, the status of independent worker and freelancer meets various legal obligations. You must ensure rigorous accounting, which is not always easy as a beginner. In order to take advantage of the best ways to be peaceful with your accounting when you are a freelancer, several solutions exist.

A specific freelance status

By choosing to work on your own account and carry out an activity as a self-employed worker (TNS), you adopt a particular legal status. Before creating your company, it is advisable to opt for a legal and fiscal form compatible with your project. Very flexible, the status of independent worker or freelancer allows you to choose your status. A sole proprietorship, a single-member company with limited liability (EURL), a single-person simplified joint-stock company (SASU) or a sole proprietorship and micro-enterprise: the choice is yours. But because all legal forms have their advantages and disadvantages, they all have one thing in common: you have to know how to manage and keep impeccable accounts.

As there are various professional activities such as the sale of goods, merchandise or services, a self-employed person is governed by a very specific tax and social regime. Commercial, real estate, agricultural or artistic activities do not meet the same legal requirements as those which depend on the general system. Liberal, self-employed, craftsman, trader or liberal profession: the legal form of your company as well as its social and tax system directly influence your accounting and financial obligations.

Depending on your professional activity, you are then registered in the Directory of Trades, the Trade and Companies Register or another affiliated body. With caps on annual turnover, mandatory declarations and different tax rates, it's easy to get lost and make mistakes. Non-Commercial Profits (BNC) or Industrial and Commercial Profits (BIC), all tax regimes differ from each other. In order to best meet your accounting obligations, it is better to entrust this task to professionals, for whom it is the main activity. The calculation of social contributions, the health insurance scheme and the payment or not of VAT, indeed require knowledge that many do not have.

This paperwork remains daunting for many freelancers who want peace of mind with their accounting. If you have often spent long hours calculating your quarterly or annual statements and you have gone through multiple documents, you know how stressful it can be to keep an account book alone. It's also easy to miss out on tax exemptions or reductions you're entitled to.

Know how to save time and considerable resources on your accounting

Often the bane of all freelancers starting their business or even for those who have been practicing for years, accounting requires in-depth legal and tax knowledge. From the creation and declaration of your company to the management of your bank account and other formalities, you spend an incalculable amount of time in the papers and declarations. Sometimes complex, generally time-consuming and not very productive, this accounting management constitutes a brake on the development of your activity. The time you spend processing your balance sheets is not spent on your work and the slightest error can have serious consequences. In order to save you considerable time and above all to benefit from rigorous accounting, the use of a professional has certain advantages.

Thanks to the dematerialization of services, digitalization and advances in digital technology, you can easily delegate this accounting and financial management to online specialists. In order to relieve you of this often daunting task, which requires specialized knowledge, but which remains mandatory, an online accountant is ideal. If previously a simple spreadsheet like Excel was enough to establish its expenses and income, the multiplication of multiple legal and tax statuses severely complicates the task. In terms of experience, professional rigor and skills, a site like Amarris Direct offers you these services, for example. Created in 2010, the site is made up of accounting professionals already chosen by 3,500 freelancers. By outsourcing your online accounting management to these specialists, you benefit from professional services that meet your legal and tax obligations. For accounts certified by the legal authorities, the online site accompanies you in all your steps.

How to be quiet with your accounting when you are a freelancer?

Even if the procedures for setting up a business are simplified for the self-employed, they must nevertheless respect a certain number of obligations. Like the quarterly declaration of your turnover, the payment of your social and tax contributions or the keeping of an account book: it is not easy to meet all of these legal constraints. and above all not to make mistakes. Because the obsession of all freelancers and freelancers, even in good faith, remains the accounting error or an oversight, you have to know how to delegate. Rather than wasting time and getting annoyed with all these obligations, it is always preferable to resort to professionals.

Thanks to the advantages of online accounting expertise, you no longer have to travel, send emails or call the various departments to obtain answers. A specialized website takes care of all your procedures, accompanying you at each stage. Your entrepreneurial life is thus simplified and you can devote yourself entirely to your freelance activity and find financing such as rapid micro credit.

Accounting tools and specialized online software

Self-employed, sole proprietorship or wage portage, the situation of your company influences your activity. Purchases, sales of goods, merchandise or services, invoices, expenses, ancillary costs, turnover: keeping fair and rigorous accounts is essential. With the help of an online accounting and financial management tool, you have many software solutions. These digital tools allow you to take advantage of automatic tasks and make your job easier.

The edition of invoices in particular, can be pre-filled to save time and advantageous means. This professional software simplifies your accounting by helping you to write your annual balance sheets, invoices and other estimates. Online accounting tools are now designed for beginners and even the most experienced. ERP, PGI, CRM or integrated management software packages, you have a large number of specialized solutions.

These tools are designed specifically for freelancers and freelancers and are the best ways to have peace of mind with your accounting as an entrepreneur. Among the various functionalities of these software packages, accounting and commercial management, inventory management or the production of tailor-made quotes are automated. Often modular and personalized, the online management tool can be easily configured. By entering your information, the accounting software can automate many tasks such as invoice reminders, automatic sending of reminder letters, VAT calculation, customer relationship management or mail tracking.

These all-in-one software solutions allow you to save time and optimize your performance. You thus ensure optimal inventory management and you have all the essential information on your balance sheets, receipts and turnover. Conducive to being more serene about your accounting when you are a freelancer, online software packages accompany you throughout your professional life.

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