Logistics: What are the advantages of opting for the cardboard box?

The cardboard box has become an essential part of the packaging process in logistics. It makes it possible, in particular, to store goods to have them moved, to pack and ship parcels and to store belongings on behalf of a moving project. Cardboard boxes are reputed to be resistant, designed to support heavy loads, ecological and versatile. Let's discover together the many advantages of cardboard boxes.

The cardboard box in logistics, a box made from an ecological and recyclable material

Cardboard is, in essence, a material with high ecological potential. Indeed, it is biodegradable and can be recycled ad vitam æternam. For several decades, manufacturers and large transporters, aware of the current issues in terms of preventing the planet, have preferred it to plastic. For these companies, it is a managerial choice that aims to reduce the ecological impact of their activities.

If you are a company specializing in logistics and the transport of goods, you can discover the American cardboard box. This type of crate is recognized for its resistance and its economic character. Moreover, when used, the American cardboard box will only last 5 months in nature. At the end of these 5 months, against 1000 years for plastic, the cardboard packaging dissolves completely in nature.

The cardboard box, practical packaging with versatile purposes

The cardboard box used in the logistics sector makes storage much easier. It is practical in that it takes up less space, especially when it does not contain any goods. Indeed, just fold them in half and put them on top of each other. The goods will be shipped in cartons by the buyer for other destinations. Finally, the storage of filled cardboard boxes is less difficult. Its flat surface with a flap makes it possible to stack the boxes side by side and to superimpose them. It presents, in these conditions, an ergonomic advantage that you will certainly not have with rigid plastics or with wooden packaging.

The cardboard box is distinguished from other types of packaging by its versatility. It is used to store and store objects, namely: porcelain, documents, effects that are used less and less, etc. Cardboard can be used as packaging. Many companies use it, in fact, to package medicines, computer equipment and accessories, toys, food products, etc. For public and private parcel carriers, the carton is referred to as the shipping container. Among movers, the cardboard used to store the client's belongings is called a transport crate.

The cardboard box, a solid box for logistics

On a cardboard box, it is very often written the words "fragile". However, this does not mean that the paper used to make the board is so. In reality, the word "fragile" refers to the contents of the box. The transported object can be a fragile object of which the carrier must take great care. For the most part, cardboard is a strong material, capable of containing and supporting heavy loads. What makes cardboard so strong and resistant?

The resistance of a cardboard box used in logistics, for example, is intimately linked to its composition in “ flute or corrugated paper ”. In concrete terms, the corrugated papers located between two white papers can be single, double or triple. Of course, the strength of your triple flute board will be optimal compared to a triple flute board.

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