How To Secure A Place With Industrial Flooring?

In companies as in homes, the safety of people is above all a matter of layout. We know the importance of installing barriers at the top of the stairs when a new baby arrives in the family, the usefulness of installing non-slip strips in the outdoor areas subject to the rain of our properties, but it is just as essential to secure professional spaces because accidents at work are unfortunately numerous.

It is also a regulatory obligation for entrepreneurs to ensure the safety of their employees by using methods adapted to the type of activity they carry out. Some branches are subject to strict frameworks, especially when it comes to handling dangerous substances or working at height. But in general, it is essential to focus on securing workspaces by favoring industrial floor coverings that limit falls and slips. Explanations.

Industrial flooring to maximize safety

Falls are indeed the most frequent accidents, both in the world of work and in the domestic sphere. This is due in most cases to insufficient protection of the floors. All of them, whatever their nature, are subject to slipping. Concrete, PVC, wood or metal, a floor can quickly become a source of danger, especially if it is exposed to rain and humidity or if it is a busy place where people pass each other eagerly.

To avoid accidents, the most suitable solutions are certainly industrial floor coverings such as those offered by Of professional quality and therefore meeting the highest safety requirements, this type of resin protection can be applied to all surfaces and makes it possible to secure a wooden terrace, the surroundings of a swimming pool or even places of passage. the most frequented in industrial companies. With the tiled stair nosing, it forms the ideal combination to ensure complete safety.

Stair nosings to secure stairs

Indeed, if industrial flooring is essential to protect residents and workers, they cannot be enough to secure all of our living spaces. Stairs are places particularly exposed to falls and the steps and risers must imperatively be covered with a specifically adapted accessory to reduce the risk of falling. This tool is the stair nosing. The stair nosing is positioned on the edge of the step in order to offer safe support to those using the stairs. Easy to install and maintain, sud-anti-slip stair nosings can be used both indoors and outdoors as they are designed to resist humidity, UV rays, thermal changes and many other conditions. safe to wear. This makes it an essential accessory in our homes and businesses to limit the number of accidents on the stairs.

The anti-slip strip, the Swiss army knife of safety

Finally, the last safety tool presented in this article, the anti-slip tape is a versatile accessory that makes it possible to secure an area very quickly. Industrial flooring is always about limiting the number of falls and slips in high-risk areas, and the anti-slip strip is the pinnacle of adaptation. Indeed, it arises in a few seconds and resists heat or UV as well as humidity or intensive passages.

This strip can of course be used to secure a staircase, together with the stair nosings, but it can also prevent slipping on floors that are particularly prone to the thing, such as PVC or metal parts. In business, it can serve both as a marking and as a safety element by delimiting the passage of handling equipment, for example. Finally, at home, it will be particularly useful in humid environments such as laundry rooms.

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