How to Define an Outbound Prospecting Strategy?

The outbound marketing strategy results from the performance and efficiency of your sales team. Most start-ups adopt this sales strategy to get off to a better start. While waiting for the launch of an inbound strategy, the outbound method largely takes over. However, it is necessary to organize the planning of your outbound prospecting well to achieve your objective.

What is outbound prospecting?

Outbound prospecting is a classic marketing technique. Also called “outbound strategy”, it is about entering directly into contact with the potential customer. In order to attract the maximum number of customers, the sales team must be both efficient and productive. Compared to the inbound strategy, this method makes it possible to obtain tangible results in a fairly short time.

In addition, this method can be described as aggressive in terms of approach because the target is stopped without it having wanted to. Thus, the brand is responsible for sending promotional, marketing and advertising messages to the customer.

The tools used in outbound marketing include traditional and digital means. From cold mailing and calling to media advertising, through the distribution of samples, to participation in various events, this prospecting also uses advertising on social networks. It is appropriate, indeed, to disseminate information about your service on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Clearly define the profile of your prospect

Behind the success of a brand hides a well-determined marketing strategy. Whether inbound or outbound, identifying your target should be part of the first step tasks. Indeed, the definition of your persona and the why of your choice will allow you to activate the turbo. With this in mind, social networks and professional networks give you the opportunity to analyze your target:

– his age ;

– his leisures ;

– its location;

– his hobbies;

– their preferred networks;

– etc.

By aggregating this information, the sales team can better understand their prospects. In the field of marketing, being able to identify the needs and prospects of a target is a big plus. They agree to engage in a spontaneous discussion with the persona on interesting subjects concerning your company.

Focus on team training

After many tests and descent on the ground to promote your service, it is advisable to pass to the recruitment of a team which can take over. As a founder, your first experience guides you in the implementation of your business. Share your achievements with your team, these will serve as a basis and practice. Teach them to use technology to offer innovative ways in outbound prospecting.

Take care of the content

Having exhaustive information on prospects allows salespeople to better define their needs. As a result, each of them can offer quality and impactful content, intended for your blog or targeted emails. Putting in place qualitative information helps you generate more leads.

Here are the points you will earn for submitting a relevant message:

– acquisition of new customers;

– optimization of your brand;

– facilitation of the purchase or sale procedure;

On the other hand, you can also relay your content on social networks for better visibility. Many products gain notoriety thanks to sponsored advertisements on the networks.

Adopt the right prospecting tools

The advantage of outbound prospecting is that you can choose your customers. Going into the field to meet prospects is largely part of the tools to adopt. However, interviewing people directly is not enough, as you must also ensure that you obtain their contact information. In this sense, opt for lead generation tools, in order to obtain information about your customers. There are also devices to automate your prospecting, especially on LinkedIn. Dedicated to salespeople and marketers, this means allows them to work more quickly and efficiently.

Kaspr: the optimal tool for outbound marketing

Kaspr is a lead generation tool, created in 2018. It allows obtaining customer contact details via their LinkedIn profile. It gives you the option to view your contact's information through the Google Chrome extension. After collecting the necessary information, you can automate the export of data to your CRM.

Millions of email addresses and phone numbers have already been found via Kaspr. You are also allowed to auto-generate sending a LinkedIn invitation and “welcome” message for successful outcome.


Outbound prospecting is a good way to optimize your brand, after identifying the typical profile of your lead. Remember the importance of training your team using your background and your first experience as a founder as an example. In addition, bet on quality and relevant content, in order to hold the attention of the buyer. You can talk about your product and your brand on social networks. Launch your service on media ads to increase your visibility. Finally, opt for a tool capable of meeting your needs and which lightens the workload of your team while achieving your objectives.

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