How To Choose Your Security Company

Choosing your security company is, for any entrepreneur, a mandatory step in order to protect your investments. Make a decision taking into account the legal aspects, but also the performance of the security provider and other aspects. Here's how to precede.

Check that she is in good standing with the law

It is the natural or legal person who must hire the agent, who must verify that the security company is in good standing in terms of tax and social security obligations. The law requires it in article L. 8222-1 of the labor code. The first precaution is to request the required tax documents. So watch out for:

– The validity of the authorization to practice. – The validity of the approval of its managers. – The effectiveness of this company's contribution to private security activities. This mention is usually made at the bottom of any invoice issued by the service provider. – The tax certificate proving the regularity of the company. – The validity of the insurance and the conformity of this insurance policy with the activity of your company.

Does the security company have the right skills?

You may shortlist three or five companies. To decide with whom you will sign a contract, identify the specific skills of each company.

So, contact a security professional, if you are, for example, an organization in which workers or customers come from all over the world. This will ensure that the security guards stationed at your premises will be able to communicate using two or three of the most popular languages.

If you need elegant and discreet security, you will have to choose the company positioned in this commercial segment.

What is the singularity of the security company?

Check what are the procedures for managing problems encountered by customers within the security companies that you have pre-selected.

– Do they provide local management? – Can you easily obtain an additional agent in case of unforeseen? – Which companies have certifications in areas such as safety, hygiene?

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