What are the different storage solutions for professionals?

At different stages of its development, a company finds itself grappling with challenges that it is up to it to meet. One of the problems she can quickly encounter is that of a lack of space. Professional premises are not always sufficient to contain the various objects necessary for work, such as documents, stocks of items for sale, machinery or other scattered objects. Faced with this difficulty, and in order not to weaken the company's cash flow too much, storage solutions allow the entrepreneur to remain calm. Apart from storage boxes, what options are available to professionals?

Professional storage: what are the issues?

When you occupy offices or professional premises, they are inevitably limited in their capacity to accommodate personnel and equipment. The need for space naturally ends up being felt at some point, and requires an appropriate response. It is not always possible to buy, or even rent, new premises to expand. This is the whole point of having a storage box like those offered by the Stockoss logistics platform to its customers.

What changes with this solution? Modular, it is also intended to be more affordable and more in line with the expectations of companies in terms of storage of equipment and materials. Stockoss provides companies with logistical and technological means that allow them to quickly find storage space, but also to manage it smoothly. The platform in SaaS mode is intuitive and easy to learn. It is designed so that the reservation of storage boxes and the monitoring of their content are done easily remotely.

Storage solutions for professionals

Self storage

Professionals looking for flexibility are increasingly opting for self storage. One of its main advantages is the freedom it gives to those who benefit from it to access its effects at any time, 7 days a week. In addition, in self storage, the dimensions of the boxes are not fixed. It is up to the customer to choose the size that suits their needs at the time. Subsequently, the volume of the storage boxes can be modified if more or less objects need to be stored. The withdrawal or deposit is made when the professional wishes, because he has permanent access to the box he has rented. He will not need to follow long procedures to access his belongings: only a key or an access code will be necessary.

The storage solution

It is an old mode of storage, whose advantages are well known, but which is not as flexible as self storage. So, storage rooms are usually offered in standard sizes – usually 6, 8 or 12 m2. After the storage box has been reserved and filled, it is sealed. The client is of course witness to the operation for reasons of security and trust. If he shows no desire to remove or add new objects, it will not be opened until the end of the lease. The opening can also be anticipated in the event of termination of the contract.

What about mobile storage?

It is a type of storage that stands out for its mobility. Indeed, the customer does not have to move to store his objects, since the storage box is sent to his home. As soon as the filling is done, it is sent back to a secure warehouse. The container is also sealed and can only be opened at the tenant's request. The latter must first agree on a meeting with the company in charge of storage. We discover here that the room for maneuver is a little more restricted compared to the self-storage solution, which remains much more flexible.

The advantages of storage for professionals

The advantages of storage boxes can be judged by several criteria. The most obvious is related to the flexibility of this solution, in the sense that professional storage allows you to quickly have a space where you can immediately store your equipment. On the other hand, the modularity of the volumes is a major advantage, since everyone can find the configuration best suited to their requirements. It should also be noted that self storage offers particularly appreciable ease of access. Finally, professional storage is advantageous in terms of cost, and avoids having to invest in the rental of additional professional premises.

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