How To Choose A Ski Jacket?

You will soon be going skiing and you must choose a jacket that best suits your practice. The traditional ski jacket is the most widespread, it is also the most versatile. It offers excellent waterproofing to overcome all types of weather conditions. On the website, you will have a wide choice to guide you in the best direction.

The choice is made according to four criteria

There are a multitude of models of ski jackets, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. For those who want a light jacket for skiing, they can opt for a 0° to 5° model. They will have the opportunity to add an underlayer according to their needs and the temperature.

– For the most chilly, it is the jackets with feathers and down inside that are perfect for dealing with the extreme cold. – Waterproofing, breathability, warmth, functionality, these are the criteria to take into consideration when choosing a ski jacket.

The 3-in-1 ski jacket

It is today the most efficient model on the market and the most appreciated by skiers and snowboarders, because it combines both a waterproof outer layer, an intermediate layer that insulates against cold and humidity and a warm lining.. This system is called three layers. This type of jacket is most often designed with a zipped jacket inside that you can remove for the beginning and end of the season when the weather is milder. It is by far the most practical and versatile jacket for days of skiing in changing weather conditions: humidity, snow, cold, wind, mildness. More than 95% of ski jackets are equipped with removable and above all adjustable hoods. A ski jacket is not chosen like a classic garment, aesthetics are important, but it must also be warm, insulating, waterproof, a winning trio!

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