Amicable Collection Manager: Who to Call?

Many players are active in the amicable recovery sector; Selecting the amicable collection manager that best suits you can be more difficult than expected. However, a reasoned choice of your service provider can lead to a rapid and complete recovery of your outstanding debts. We offer you a few ways to effectively select the amicable collection manager best suited to your needs.

What is amicable recovery?

To know if you need an amicable collection manager, a definition of amicable collection is necessary:

Amicable recovery allows in the vast majority of cases to recover debts without the need to set up legal proceedings.

It can be supplemented if necessary by a forced recovery, that is to say a legal recovery.

To initiate an amicable recovery procedure, your claim must meet three conditions:

– it must be certain, that is to say that you must be able to produce proof that a sum is due to you; – it must be liquid, i.e. you must be able to precisely indicate the amount due; – it must be successful, ie the payment deadline must have expired.

The amicable recovery procedure consists of setting up a reasoned dialogue with the debtor, following a very strict procedure for this.

Thus, the amicable collection letter must include very specific headings.

Call on an amicable collection manager

To ensure that the amicable recovery process is respected, it may be wise to call on an amicable recovery manager. You will thus be able to obtain the guarantee of recovering your due without your debtor finding any defect in the procedure. In addition, using an amicable collection manager allows you to focus on your core business, and not to devote considerable time to tedious procedures. Some software makes it easier to recover your debts, to find out more, go to:

However, the choice of a recovery manager must meet very specific criteria.

Some players in the sector will generate considerable costs for the creditor, without however providing the guarantee that the latter will be able to recover their costs at the end of the operation.

Thus, it is important to choose a suitable recovery manager.

Here are the criteria on which we invite you to base us:

– Does the amicable recovery manager you wish to call charge on success? We strongly urge you to favor service providers who practice this type of pricing. On the one hand, this means that the financial commitment will be relatively low for you; on the other hand, it means that your amicable collection manager has confidence in his possibilities of success. – Study the commission requested by the amicable recovery manager. If you want the debt collection operation to remain profitable, the commission must by definition be low. For information, the lowest commission on the market is offered by the site, which offers its subscribers the possibility of charging a margin of 5%. – Pay attention to the amount of the minimum claim requested. Some out-of-court collection managers do not work below a certain threshold. If you are a small business and a low debt is likely to put you at risk, look first to collection companies that do not require a minimum debt.

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