Agriaffaires, the purchase and sale platform for tractors and agricultural equipment

Today's agricultural world is now inextricably linked to technology. The tools available to farmers are a little more optimized every day by the development and integration of the most innovative techniques. Simplifying this difficult but essential work for the perpetuation of our society, agricultural machinery is a central element in the lives of farmers today and they must therefore be able to select their equipment with complete peace of mind. The Agriaffaires site therefore proposes to offer a wide range of material to its visitors. Covering fields as varied as public works, gardening, transport and of course agriculture, this classifieds site is a veritable gold mine for farmers of all kinds. The equipment presented here will be suitable for those who operate in the forestry world as well as in wine growing, livestock farming and market gardening. Overview of its responsibilities.

Agriaffaires, the benchmark for agricultural machinery

With these thousands of ads offered every day and its presence in more than 20 countries, the Agriaffaires site is the number one site for online ads for agricultural equipment. Founded in 2000 by three French farmers, it perfectly meets all the real needs of this sector, which is as wide as it is diverse, and allows everyone, whatever their language or country of origin, to equip themselves with equipment for used or new according to your own needs.

Agriaffaires, the tractor sales platform, is not limited to these basic and emblematic tools of the agricultural world. On its site, you can find combine harvesters, seeders, micro-tractors or sprayers and this is just a simple sample of all the diversity of its catalog. All the machinery and parts necessary for the operation and management of an agricultural area are available on its pages. This is surely why more than 4,500 professionals trust him on a daily basis.

A neat interface for your research of agricultural equipment

If the Agriaffaires site has been running smoothly for more than 15 years, it is also no doubt thanks to the optimization of its search engine, which facilitates the comparison and selection of machines. A clear system of filters makes it possible to select the type of ad sought, rental, sale or auction, the brand, model and year of the desired machine, but also its power or the area where the product is located. An ideal tool to find the agricultural machine you need in a few clicks.

Even better, the site allows you to search by first selecting the vehicle brand. We know that farmers are by nature loyal people and that once convinced by the machines they have selected, they like to equip themselves on a regular basis from the brand in question. For even more simplicity, the bank of filters includes a quick access section which allows direct access to specific tools or machines.

A price observatory to find your agricultural vehicle at the best price

If the Agriaffaires site is accessible to everyone without any commitment, it also offers the possibility of opening an account in order to benefit from premium functionalities. The essential interest of this membership is to be able to take advantage of the price observatory, an ideal tool for making your choice with complete peace of mind. In fact, this functionality analyzes the technical data of the advertisements offered each week, then calculates an average price per model. A tool intended for buyers of course, but also for sellers.

For the buyer, the price observatory makes it possible to know the fair price of a machine and therefore to be sure not to buy it at a price higher than that of the market. For the seller, this is good information to set his price and thus be sure to sell it quickly. Sellers who have created their account will also have access to a statistics tool that displays the performance of their online ads. A very useful tool for analyzing visitor behavior and acting accordingly.

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