Working At Height: How To Guarantee Your Personal Safety?

In the exercise of certain professions, carrying out work at height is routine. Workers in these areas of activity are daily exposed to various risks and dangers. Fortunately, there are measures whose implementation makes it possible to minimize or even entirely eradicate the risk of falls or accidents. Are you wondering what measures these are? Discover in this article 03 rules whose respect will protect you from danger.

Use personal protective equipment

How to choose the right equipment for rope work? First step before anything else and fundamental concern faced by professionals working at height. This concern is amply justified by the sometimes aerial access of certain interventions, it is therefore necessary to protect professionals from daily risks. The use of personal protective equipment (safety helmets, fall arrest harnesses, lanyards, energy absorbers, work ropes, etc.) is one of the best solutions to adopt in the face of risks and dangers.

It is indeed equipment specially designed to ensure, maintain and reinforce the protection and comfort of workers against multiple dangers, in particular the risk of falling. According to official data, falls are one of the main causes of death in the workplace. the regulations are intransigent and responsibilities in the event of accidents are clearly identified.

As a professional working at height, you have the possibility of obtaining a multitude of protective equipment. Each of them (EPC / PPE) plays a specific role and you will have to make your choices according to the particularities of your profession as well as the legislation. In fact, to regulate all activities at risk of falling, the law requires compliance with legal standards and obligations. Among the most recommended protective equipment, you can get:

– The Pillard TG Poli carabiner; – The ARES protective helmet; – The fixing console for retrieval fall arrester; – The adjustable work positioning lanyard; – A fall arrester with automatic return; – The self-rescuer mask; – The lanyard with energy absorber; – The self-closing security gate with plinth and many other features.

In addition, it is important to obtain protective equipment of excellent quality in order to benefit from reinforced security. The law also requires periodic inspection to ensure that there is no degradation or wear that can cause the equipment to fail. To do this, the best way to proceed is to refer to the best distributor and adviser to find the right PLUCEO safety equipment.

Comply with safety standards

In the middle of professions requiring work at height, getting protective equipment is not enough to eradicate the danger. To optimally guarantee safety at height, it is just as important to comply with certain rules (established by the labor code) and safety measures (marking, installation of guardrails, etc.). On the one hand, you must comply with the general principles of risk prevention. Observing these rules constitutes a shield that protects you to a large extent against the risk of falling and any other danger. On the other hand, you must apply the occupational safety standards specific to your trade.

Use appropriate work materials

When your job requires you to perform a certain number of delicate operations, it is essential for you to seek advice on how to obtain adequate work equipment. If you have to carry out work on a roof, make sure you use a ladder or a stepladder large enough to allow you to reach the work area. Otherwise, you will be forced to make untimely movements, which could throw you off balance or cause you to stagger. If you do not have the necessary skills and/or equipment, you can call on a professional who has a team of qualified people as well as all the appropriate equipment to carry out the operations in complete safety.

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