Worker Health And Safety: The Emergency Measures Plan, An Essential Document

The health and safety of workers is one of the fundamental obligations of the employer. The business manager has every interest in requesting the intervention of a specialized professional actor for the development of the emergency measures plan.

The risks existing within a company

The personnel of the company is confronted with several types of risks, namely:

– natural threats: fire, earthquake, storm, flood; – technical and operational threats: spillage of hazardous materials, gas leaks, explosions, material breakage, power outages, etc. ; – risks relating to actions carried out by individuals deemed dangerous: bombs, terrorism, demonstrations, active shooters, etc. ; – health risks: work-related illnesses, epidemiological risks.

It is entirely the responsibility of the business manager to guarantee the protection of his employees against these dangers.

The usefulness of the emergency measures plan

The emergency measures plan is a physical and/or digital file. The document contains the provisions adopted to prevent or react to the risks existing on the site where a given company is established.

The emergency measures plan also details the procedures to be followed to minimize the impact of disasters that occur within the organization.

Steps in the development of the emergency measures plan

The emergency measures plan differs from one organization to another on several points. The procedures for protecting personnel against disasters vary in particular according to the configuration of the premises and the activities carried out on the site. Thus, the development of the emergency measures plan is done in several stages.

A risk analysis is carried out upstream. The study focuses on the existing risks within the premises and outside, in the immediate vicinity of the site. This first step makes it possible to define the strategies and operations to be carried out to ward off threats and to minimize their effects on the organization's personnel and property. The emergency measures plan is drafted at this stage. The staff is then trained in how to react to disasters, through table exercises. Emergency simulation exercises are also conducted.

Why use the services of a company specializing in risk investigation and management?

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is an integral part of the Canada Labor Code. Under Canadian law, the company director is held entirely responsible for the safety and health of workers. OSH measures are fully regulated.

The company specializing in investigation and risk management offers services that fully comply with legal provisions. Solicit the intervention of a professional guarantees, therefore, to have an emergency measures plan developed according to the standards in force.

The professional specialized in the field of OHS provides personalized and comprehensive support. In addition to risk assessment, the drafting of the emergency measures plan and the intervention for the deployment of emergency measures, the sign performs other functions. The investigation and risk management company provides additional advice with a view to optimizing the effectiveness of the emergency measures plan. The most experienced OHS companies also represent their clients on the CMMI (Joint Municipal-Industrial Committee).

The emergency measures plan constitutes the main support, which guarantees the health and safety of the workers. According to the Canada Labor Code and the OHS Act, each employer is required to have this file and to implement the provisions mentioned therein.

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