Why should a company absolutely equip itself with a paid antivirus?

To ensure the security of your company's computer data, it is essential to invest in the acquisition and installation of an antivirus. Because this is a high priority task, your choice should be an antivirus capable of protecting your data permanently and definitively.

It is for this reason that before making a choice, you must compare the different antiviruses that you have at your disposal.

What threats is your computer network exposed to?

Paid or free antivirus for your business? What is the best antivirus for a business? Answering this question is the main mission of this article. But before you get to that, you need to know what kind of malware your business needs to be protected against and what solutions are available to you.

Malware: a malicious file that is highly destructive to your computer data

The term malware is used to refer to a malicious file, which would pose a threat to data as well as computer equipment. They infiltrate your system in such a way that you don't notice anything at first. A simple click, downloading a corrupted file, or even simply connecting to contaminated media on your computer exposes you to these malware.

But malware and viruses aren't the only types of malicious files a business needs protection against. Also listed:

Spyware and Trojans

These spy apps have been developed to monitor the activity recorded on a computer or smart phone. They have the particularity of acting in “background” like a virus. They seek to recover all your data in order to transmit them to a third party.

Trojan horses or trojans operate in much the same way. They infiltrate your system without your knowledge and gradually destroy the most important data. By the time you realize it exists, it may be too late.

Keyloggers and rootkits

– Keyloggers are forms of malware that record every keystroke you type on a computer keyboard it has installed itself in. – As for rootkits, they are able to control a device remotely.

This list of malware is not exhaustive. There are so many other malicious files that your business would need to be protected from such as flooders that disable your website, adware etc. You should therefore opt for an antivirus capable of ensuring the protection of your computer equipment in a durable and effective manner.

The role of an antivirus for a company

By their mode of operation, antivirus software is used to take control of a company's servers and peripherals. In addition to acting in a curative way, these applications can also be used as a preventive measure. They will therefore work to reduce the sources of contamination of your devices and block access to corrupt files in the system. Content analyzes will be carried out each time new software is installed and the antivirus will be able to block any intrusion by a corrupt file.

To ensure maximum protection of company data, it is recommended to opt for a paid antivirus.

Why choose a paid antivirus?

For safety reasons

In a company, data protection is a long-term job that requires suitable equipment. An attack on the company's servers could lead to significant information leaks. An antivirus would be the best option to ensure the security of your computer equipment. The paid versions being more complete and more successful, they represent the best alternative, especially since malicious people are running the streets these days.

A more complete service offer

Paid antivirus offers a more complete range of services than free versions. Databases are regularly updated to ensure better performance. Thus, it will be possible to avoid hackers and effectively fight against the intrusion of malware.

Free antiviruses: an interesting alternative, but not for businesses

Apart from paid antiviruses, free models are also available in the market. Moreover, most users prefer the free versions for their accessibility and low cost. But these free antiviruses have limitations that should not be overlooked. The features they incorporate are not comprehensive enough to guarantee maximum protection. In addition, these features generally do not include a firewall, antispam or even parental control mode and this can be problematic.

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