Why Prefer Renting Offices in Paris?

Paris, as the capital city of France, is a destination full of business opportunities for all individuals. Indeed, many entrepreneurs find it a favorable environment for the development of their activities. Thus, with a view to settling in the region, company managers generally have to choose between buying real estate and renting offices. To this end, the rental option has significant advantages. Here are a few reasons to care.

The financial gain

If there is a motivation that can lead to the rental of offices, it is that of financial gain. Indeed, the lease contract allows companies to save a lot of money. It must be said that the acquisition of real estate appears to be a heavy investment which is not always within the reach of companies. Thus, for an installation without large budgetary consumption, Paris office rental is a wise choice.

Additionally, the option has a few tax benefits that enhance its financial gain potential for businesses. We note in particular an annual depreciation rate of 5%, the deduction of the rent as a charge before the taxable result, the submission to the BIC for a furnished rental, etc.

The flexibility of the option

Another advantage of office rental lies in the flexibility of this option. In reality, three types of contracts are available under this lease. This is a flexibility that allows companies to choose the commitment to make according to their needs. In a first case called domiciliation contract, the company installs its premises in a domiciliation company. Both parties agree to obtain a registration number.

In a second case similar to a classic lease, the installation gives rise to long-term commitments. We are talking about contractualization that can last up to 9 years, renewable. This choice is of interest to companies whose plans are fully drawn up and who do not wish to invest in a real estate purchase.

Finally, the third option concerns the precarious lease. Very popular with start-ups who want to keep some room for manoeuvre, this choice makes it possible to shorten the duration of commitments. Thus, after three years, the manager can review his position without constraints. It should be noted that there is the possibility of a professional lease that can be terminated at any time, but with 6 months' notice.


The installation room of a company must obviously allow a great deal of customization. The manager must be able to arrange the room according to his needs. In addition, the offices must reflect a certain prestige to participate in the expected performance. Fortunately, with the rental option, satisfaction is guaranteed on this level.

Thus, the customization possibilities vary both in terms of the quality of the premises and in terms of the desired configuration. In particular, you can choose a location that adapts to the planned activities, the layout of your taste, the quality of all the equipment, etc. The city of Paris is full of offers for the rental of offices. This state of affairs leaves companies with wide openings to find the property that suits their needs.

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