Why Organize Breakfasts Between Employees In Your Company?

With the new managerial methods coming from the United States, it is now accepted that the involvement of teams is the result of the consideration displayed for their collaborators by the management teams. From there to say that the happiness of the companies should be the number one priority of the managers, there is only one step… Which we will not hesitate to cross! Motivation, involvement and free expression will have to be the key words of tomorrow's management. And why not start in the morning?

Imagine…. You arrive at work, not yet wide awake, and there, surprise, your first meeting of the day begins in a room bathed in the scent of hot coffee with well-wrapped chocolate rolls on a table surrounding a basket of fresh and colorful fruit. So happy? If the morning is for some the best time to work while for others it's just a muddy extension of last night, it's a safe bet that everyone agrees on one thing: organizing breakfasts between collaborators, it's only happiness…

Organize breakfasts between employees to start the day off right

Indeed, nothing like a hearty breakfast to get you started. Especially since our over-stimulated lives, punctuated by the untimely directives of our smartphones, often limit our meals to what is strictly necessary. If the job is to calm things down and take over the organization of breakfast, we can assure you that the teams will get to work with more enthusiasm and an improved vision of their superiors.Organizing breakfasts between employees therefore means offering a favorable environment for morning discussions in a comforting environment. In France, food is an institution and giving it back the place it deserves in the company by allowing everyone to share a breakfast at the office is showing respect for the employees, that they will take care of you. return through more conscientious involvement in their day-to-day work.

Breakfasts that speak for you

Organizing breakfasts between employees also means showing your intention to communicate in an alternative way. Sad mid-day meetings where everyone nods and wonders what will be in the canteen are outdated and rarely productive. By bringing the group together in the morning, you will be able to send a more explicit message that is better understood by your employees and thus limit the need to repeat it.

Fixing a meeting in the morning also means ensuring the presence of more people invited. Indeed, the day is for everyone punctuated by imperatives and the presence in meetings sometimes goes by the wayside in favor of a more urgent activity. At breakfast, everyone is on deck but not yet busy at their post, so it's a good time to direct everyone's efforts and remind everyone of the company's global project.

A breakfast to celebrate an event or to prepare an important moment

Early in the morning, minds are more open and more focused, so it's the perfect time to convey your vision of society but also to bring together the company's driving forces around a particular event. A decisive day for obtaining a contract, the visit of important emissaries or the finalization of a large-scale project on the market, all this may require a final mobilization of troops. Organizing a breakfast between collaborators is the perfect solution to take stock before launching the assault of the day.

But breakfast is also a privileged moment when minds still clouded by the night are more sensitive to tenderness and compliments. Thus, around a good glass of orange juice or a perfectly infused matcha tea, you can congratulate one or all of your employees and thus show your full consideration for the work done. This way, you develop a good working atmosphere on a daily basis!

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