Why Make A Redemption Or Credit Consolidation?

Sometimes we have to face imponderables and it is important to know how to manage your budget. Credits provide a breath of fresh air when the situation seems tense, but these same credits can strain the household's wallet.

In France, many households have recourse to the repurchase (or consolidation) of credit to give a second wind to their budgetary management. We will see together how to find a financial balance thanks to the repurchase of credit.

What is the repurchase of credit?

If you have two or more loans in progress but monthly payments that are beginning to weigh, you can ask certain companies dealing with repurchase of credit to take them back to consolidate them into a single monthly payment.

This allows in the long term to reduce the debt ratio of the household, to have a greater provisional margin in the monthly budget and more than one creditor as interlocutor.

Who can claim the repurchase of credit?

Anyone with at least two outstanding debts. The grouping of your debts will be taken care of by a specialized organization after verification of your file, however, be aware that you must not have an over-indebtedness file in progress, nor be registered in the central file of checks after a proven payment incident. It mainly concerns people with regular income but who can no longer honor their various debts.

The grouping of credits takes into account all the debts relating to different credits (car, consumption, real estate) but does not take into account gambling debts or those relating to professional financing.

Reduce your monthly payments

When a borrower feels taken by the throat by too many credits, it is sometimes difficult not to slip into the spiral of over-indebtedness. This is why credit redemption organizations can buy back your different monthly payments from your creditors and offer you the possibility of reducing your monthly payments for the future. They will allow you to pay less each month on a fixed date, either by extending the credit over its duration, or by setting up new lower borrowing rates.

Fund a new project

You dream of a nice investment such as a car, a boat or a house, to finance your child's studies, but you already have some monthly payments on your account.

The repurchase of credit can be an asset to find a balance and raise your debt ratio. With a lower rate it is quite possible to access your future projects. It is quite possible to include these new deadlines in the purchase of credits. You therefore end up with a final monthly payment including the total of your debts without weighing down the accounting balance of your household.

Reorganize your finances

Because being a borrower you sometimes go through many credit organizations and each interest rate is not equal, you are paying for many years interest sometimes mirobolant views of the amount borrowed.

Reorganizing your finances means starting by cleaning up your debts by removing all your monthly interest payments. Your credit repurchase organization can offer you rates that are sometimes lower than the average, allowing you to cover all the debts more easily, and freeing up a larger margin for your monthly budget.

Your situation changes

The consolidation of credit as a simple credit can be renegotiated each year, see repay in anticipation according to your cash flow and the terms of the signed contract.

Because family situations can change, it is important to point out that your credit agency can change this loan buy-back with you. One of the advantages of this concept being that with credits grouped together in one and the same place, you will no longer have to explain your situation to many interlocutors. Your file will be followed from A to Z by the same team in charge of your file.

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