Why is it important for a company to properly secure its mailbox?

Messaging in a company is the essential gateway to computer threats. Cybercriminals transit through e-mails to break into a computer system. They use several techniques including email spoofing, viruses, ransomware, and phishing. A hacker easily obtains information on email accounts and on a company's computers through a virus. However, several sensitive information such as bank details and passwords are conveyed by e-mail accounts.

Understand the threats to which a company's mailboxes are exposed


Spam is unsolicited advertisements that come into mailboxes and can be distracting. They may contain infected attachments or viruses. Some may link to malicious websites.


Phishing or phishing can be considered a form of spam. It is a social engineering technique that aims to steal login names, passwords or bank account numbers. You receive an email from a structure you trust. The email invites you to update your login details or your bank details. The enamel leads you to a site similar to that of the real structure. You will be prompted to confirm your personal information. Thus, by confirming, you deliver to hackers your personal identifiers and passwords.


The Fovi scam is also known as the fake transfer order scam or the president's scam. Hackers enter computer systems through malware or some other flaw. They entice the employees of a company to transfer money to them. They find out enough about how the company works to pass themselves off as a member of management. It is also a technique of social engineering.

social engineering

Social engineering is a scam technique that consists of sending a fake email in order to recover important data.


Crypto-ransomware gains access to the computer system through corporate email. They encrypt the stored data and then demand a ransom to give the decryption key. The hacker can also block the computer of a senior official and demand a ransom to unlock it.

How to ensure the security of your e-mail box?

Several techniques exist to protect your mailbox: training of work staff, hosted messaging, email encryption, company messaging software, etc.

ALTOSPAM software

ALTOSPAM is security software in the form of an online service. The Altospam anti-spam security software protects your e-mails against viruses, unwanted e-mails, spam, scams, phishing, ransomware… Its filtering platforms thus protect the incoming flow of your e-mail.

Hosted email

It is often associated with a domain name and allows the company to use a professional email address. Hosted mailing devices incorporate antispam, and antivirus eliminates the risk of phishing and blocks malware and spam.

Computer attacks not only generate sometimes monstrous expenses, but also a loss of confidence in the attacked company. It is important not to minimize these attacks and to be alert at all times.

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