Why Integrate A PMO (Project Management Office)?

For most companies today, it is mandatory to work on multiple projects simultaneously in order to grow their reputation but also to increase the satisfaction of their customers. However, this dispersion can sometimes generate disunity and confusion within the structure itself. To remedy this, it is therefore important to be able to rely on global supervision and therefore to integrate a PMO into the processes to optimize them. Explanations.

What is a PMO?

The PMO, for Project Management Office, is generally defined as a permanent organizational unit within companies which aims to manage for them, or for one of their departments, multiple projects simultaneously. Most of the time, companies that wish to integrate a PMO into their operations call on support experts such as Teamsquare, for example, because PMO consulting is a profession that requires very specific skills.

With their technical expertise but also capable of using innovative tools, these companies specializing in project optimization can thus take charge of multiple aspects of business life. This can be internal training to make better use of staff resources, methodologies and processes to optimize performance or even global strategy consulting to help the client company to integrate a PMO easily and to better develop.

Why have a PMO?

The PMO is above all a unifying and framing tool which must therefore be positioned at the top of the hierarchical ladder to show efficiency. This is important because the preferential position allows it to benefit from all the information necessary for maximum efficiency but also to be able to broadcast vertical orientations downwards. So that each person involved in his project can be rallied to the supreme cause of the common good of the company.

To know if you need a PMO, ask yourself if you are overwhelmed by the number of different projects launched by your company, if their financing is becoming problematic, or if you are struggling to obtain reliable information to make your decisions.. Integrating a PMO may also be necessary to organize human resources and, above all, it will be a great tool for determining your priorities and finding a fixed course for your overall strategy.

Integrating a PMO into your processes to improve your efficiency

PMOs are therefore essential tools for ambitious companies, which are developing in all directions to maximize their productivity and performance. Integrating a PMO with the support of a specialized company like Teamsquare always aims to improve processes in a multi-project environment. These improvements vary according to the client companies and their expectations, but we can still define some criteria for the success of a good PMO.

First of all, each project of the company must achieve its own objectives while agreeing perfectly with the main strategic orientations decided by the leaders. In addition, the culture of project management must gradually become more fluid, more efficient and allow, for example, to obtain real successes over the competition. Resources must be better distributed and better used, while missed deadlines must be rarer and risk-taking less important!

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