Why Hire A Chartered Accountant For Management Advice?

Calling on an accountant can allow you to take advantage of many advantages, especially if you want to have advice in management, but also in taxation. He can intervene for different reasons, such as creating your dashboards and forecasts, or even carrying out a business valuation and setting up your budget.

Real support for the management of your business

By choosing a good Tours chartered accountant, you will be sure to benefit from real support in the management of your business. Indeed, he will make every effort to ensure its sustainability and ensure that it prospers over the years.

Carry out an accurate analysis of your business

The role of the chartered accountant is not limited to presenting annual accounts and keeping accounts. He will also be able to offer you various very precise management tools (such as a dashboard or even a performance indicator). These tools will help you to properly analyze your business and thus better understand its economic situation. It will also be able to calculate your break-even point, very important for your business so that it can make a profit. It is indeed an important indicator in order to know the amount of turnover from which your company will begin to make a profit. Always with the aim of making your business fluctuate, an accountant will be able to calculate the cost price of your service or product to sell.

Guide in strategic decisions

Having an accountant with you will help you make the right strategic choices for your business. These choices are particularly important for the creation of a company in order to find the right legal status and to choose the different tax options, etc. But, it will also be of great help to you in the development of your company by optimizing taxation, achieving shareholder support and taking charge of personnel management. He will therefore be present to advise you and warn you about certain strategic decisions that could jeopardize your company.

Perfect keeping of your accounts

An accountant will be useful to you in order to perfectly keep the accounts of your company. He will therefore be in charge of checking your accounts, establishing and ensuring the transmission of your payslips, declaring social charges and even advising you on the management of your business and on social matters. He can also provide legal advice and draft deeds.

Present your annual accounts

By calling on an accountant, you will delegate part of your accounting and tax work to them. He will be required to review your accounts, prepare and present your annual accounts, and carry out social and tax declarations.

The mission of limited review of the company's annual accounts

As part of this mission, a chartered accountant may be useful to you in order to certify that he has not found any element that could undermine the sincerity and regularity of your annual accounts. It will also ensure that the image of your company is quite faithful.

The contractual audit mission

During this mission, a chartered accountant will be required to certify that the accounts which are concerned are perfectly regular and sincere and that they reflect the image of your company.

As you will have understood, an accountant is a professional who will be of great help to you in the management of your business. He will be at your side to advise you, guide you but also to support you in all your steps.

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