Why equip yourself with HR software when you are an SME?

In the all-digital era, all aspects of our society must make the digital transition. The ways of consuming, meeting or sharing are changing and, in the world of work, knowing how to optimize one's processes through streamlined management is the key to success today. From communication on the networks to customer loyalty through the fluidification of internal tasks, digital is now a must.

However, some SmEs still imagine that this advanced software is reserved for multinationals and other large companies. Nothing. Today, certain equipment, in particular the HR software, are tools available to everyone that allow each structure to develop more efficiently. The advantages of HR software for SMEs are indeed very numerous but nevertheless remain accessible, in particular thanks to the arrival on the market of tools specifically dedicated to these small entities. Explanations.

HR software for SMEs, a tool for process optimization

The HR software for SMEs is a complete human resources management tool that aims to automate many daunting tasks while facilitating collaborative work. The underlying idea is to free up time for HR departments so that they can devote themselves fully to their core business. But it is also a tool at the service of employees in order to facilitate their communication with the management teams on a daily basis.

The tool offered by the specialized brand kiwiHR is an example of effective HR software, capable of supporting a large number of tasks in your company's HR department. It is particularly capable of automating the management of leave and absences, the preparation and editing of payslips and the management of expense reports. Better still, it allows the HR department to digitize staff profiles to ensure effective monitoring using relevant indicators.

Benefits of an HRIS adapted to the operation of SMEs

The HR management tool, also called HRIS, offered by kiwiHR is also perfectly adaptable to the operation of SMEs. Its intuitive use is designed to allow immediate handling by all personnel. Thanks to a specific company space, each employee can share documents, press releases or files, which promotes better internal communication and faster processes in the service of productivity.

HR software for SMEs must also be priced at a clear and transparent price to make it accessible to structures with limited means. This is the case of the kiwiHR solution, which offers at the same time, and free of charge, the commissioning of the SRIH and the monitoring of its operation. Not content with boosting the company's productivity, the tool is also beneficial for its security. The data collected is indeed saved there in a secure system, in accordance with the directives of the GDPR.

An HR management tool to improve performance

But the advantages of HR software lie particularly in the benefits it brings to the performance of the company. For HR, it makes it possible to follow the profiles of employees over time and thus to rationalize remuneration, careers or work planning. This promotes a better understanding of the decisions of the management teams and therefore a constantly optimized well-being at work. An essential condition for performance.

Freed from the heaviest and most time-consuming administrative tasks, your HR teams will be able to devote themselves fully to more strategic actions for the development of your company. HR software for SMEs is therefore part of a plural approach, which combines both the ambition to gain importance at the collective level and the satisfaction of individual needs. A double action that guarantees rapid and soothed growth.

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