Why Do Companies Use Virtual Numbers?

What is called a virtual number refers to a telephone number that does not correspond directly to a telephone line. It is actually an intermediary that will make it possible to redirect local calls to lines abroad. Companies that develop their business internationally have every interest in using this type of number as part of setting up a help desk or customer service.

Local numbers inspire confidence

Most incoming numbers from abroad are perceived as potential scams or as nuisance prospecting. Having a local number that takes over increases the feeling of confidence of prospects and customers. Conversely, displaying a local number on the foreign version of its website or social media accounts has the effect of increasing the conversion rate, especially if the number displayed corresponds to the rate of a local call. Thus you will avoid two phenomena which have a negative impact on your turnover. First, it decreases the number of calls that prospects don't answer. Second, it increases the conversion rate and improves the company's trust capital.

Reduce the cost of your calls

Today, there are companies that specialize in providing business telephony services. These companies are not content to provide simple virtual numbers abroad, but they offer a real range of services around this service. For the management of the switchboard, for example, they provide their customers with very sophisticated CRMs. This software makes it possible to better manage calls from prospects/customers by offering the possibility of editing useful information files and better organizing calls. They also propose setting up an interactive on-hold message system in order to better direct the caller to the right service.

Reduce call costs

Companies also use virtual numbers insofar as it is a service that limits its costs. Indeed, the services include both unlimited incoming and outgoing calls. This is an advantage for the company, which controls the cost of its outgoing and incoming communications, but also for the customer, who calls a service at the price of a local call. It has also become a marketing argument of choice for those who want to work on customer proximity and service quality.

In which sectors of activity do we need a virtual number?

Until then, the virtual number was widely used by multinationals and large commercial companies. Today, business telephony services adapt to all the needs of companies and in particular those developing an e-commerce activity.

The advantage of using this service is to be able to call the 4 corners of the world and be called from the 4 corners of the world at a limited rate. The solutions are flexible and attractive to adapt to all budgets and also to all business structures. It is also very practical for the portability of a telephone number when you have to change the location of your switchboard.

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