Why Choose To Set Up A Virtual Event?

You want to opt for setting up a virtual event in order to promote your activity, especially during this COVID-19 crisis, but you are in full hesitation. Discover our advice so that this event is a success and put the spotlight on your activity.

Keep your business alive

Hard hit during the COVID-19 crisis, event companies in particular had to find solutions to keep their business alive. The health crisis that has affected the whole world has undermined major trade fairs, outdoor festivals, but also meetings. So to continue living and not cancel the planned events, the virtual event is a good way to keep in touch with the outside world. Opting to set up events of this type therefore makes it possible to stay in contact with all of the company's contact points, to renew or completely change the mode of communication and thus reach new customers who might have been reluctant if the event would not have been adapted to current social regulations.

Be accompanied by professionals in the sector

Opting for a virtual event may seem the ideal solution in order to keep, as far as possible, the organization of your fair, festival on the specific date, but such an organization has many advantages. Indeed, a virtual event saves the cost of renting a room, allows the company to offer registrations to the four corners of the world and thus widens the target of the people you want to reach. In addition, a virtual event can also allow organizers to set up links, specialized advertisements to direct the public present at the event in the best possible way.

On the other hand, an event of this type requires participants to be equipped in terms of digital tools. Organizing a virtual event requires downloading videoconferencing software, but also the options necessary for the smooth running of the event. For this, you can surround yourself with event professionals offering services for a tailor-made virtual event. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is best to start with a small group in order to gain confidence in the software and the way of working remotely. A new way of working which nevertheless requires having a very good internet connection in order to avoid any cuts or disconnections.

A new way to communicate

The COVID-19 crisis will have made us change, especially in the way we communicate. With the cancellation of fairs, festivals, large meetings pushing people to telecommute, we had to reinvent ourselves, especially in our communication. The virtual will have been the big winner of this pandemic. Despite everything, if organizing virtual events is a good way to keep in touch with the outside world, this does not take away the efforts that must be put in place by companies to maintain the social link between all the stakeholders.

A virtual event can also be reviewed thousands of times by Internet users and contact must be maintained between each of the events so as not to lose anyone on the way and thus allow the public to stay on the lookout for themes and new events. which can be organised. A virtual event is of course different from an event in the real world. Interactions must be important between the different actors with games for example, but also questions and answers in order to keep everyone awake during the event.

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