Who Is Not Allowed to Work Under Portage Salary?

Wage portage is often the first resort for professionals who do not wish to work fixed hours. The latter will then be able, thanks to the wage portage status, to be able to enjoy a certain independence and be autonomous, since they will be able to manage their schedule themselves. In addition, you should know that wage portage is not open to everyone. Indeed, some professionals are not entitled to benefit from this status.

Who can work in wage portage?

Today, any unemployed professional can acquire the status of wage portage and work through a portage company that will allow him to easily find clients. This status is open to independent professional executives, trainers, as well as any kind of consultant. In addition, to benefit from this status, you must meet the various conditions required by law. If this is not the case and your profile is not one of the profiles authorized to work in wage portage, your request will be rejected. Therefore, before wishing to start the procedure to work under the wage portage status, make sure you meet all the conditions required to benefit from this status.

Who is not allowed to work with wage portage status?

Although wage portage is open to a large number of people, you should know that certain professions are not authorized to practice under this status. This mainly concerns personal services, such as medical assistance, online consultation or babysitting services. In addition, people who already carry out a regulated activity and have an office, such as lawyers, accountants or notaries, are also not eligible for wage portage status.

In addition, to be able to practice under the wage portage status, you must meet certain criteria, such as:

– Be autonomous and know how to manage clients and fees; – Be qualified and qualified in their field of professional activity; – Have expertise, which includes being efficient and experienced in their field.

The benefits of working with wage portage

Working through a portage company under the status of wage portage will allow you to enjoy several advantages. Indeed, this status offers you the possibility of working in a more pleasant environment, with a flexible schedule and the possibility of choosing your customers yourself.

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