Which brands to choose for construction equipment

In terms of construction or major works, the use of public works equipment is essential for the smooth running of the site. Any company working in the public works and construction sector must have the right equipment. If the available offer is diversified, some names manage to stand out and impose themselves. These brands are therefore considered as quality references.

Caterpillar, the longtime construction equipment leader

For years, the Caterpillar brand has been at the top of the range in the construction industry. This applies to all categories of TP equipment available on the Europe TP platform. Whether it's scrapers, bulldozers, excavators, or dump trucks, Caterpillar has always been able to keep its place in the spotlight. Caterpillar owes this reputation to its unmatched quality and performance. This is why professionals naturally turn to this brand. This leadership position, Caterpillar has been able to maintain over the years, with a high percentage of sales.

For any professional wishing to have construction equipment, whether in the field of new or used, Caterpillar is recommended in the majority of cases. In 2016, as a construction equipment manufacturer, Caterpillar grabbed a 16% market share, ahead of other giants like Komatsu and Hitachi.

If it seems difficult to compete with the construction leader that is Caterpillar, the fact remains that other manufacturers manage to pull out of the game and present themselves as legitimate competitors.

Kubota, Komatsu or Hitachi, the Japanese brands

In the construction equipment market, it's not just Caterpillar. There are also other well-known manufacturers such as Komatsu, Kubota or Hitachi. These Japanese brands have known by their know-how, to make a name for themselves in the sphere of construction machinery. They are real references for example for everything related to the hydraulic excavator.

JCB, the favorite brand in backhoe loaders

To dig trenches, the most popular backhoe loader is that of the JCB brand. The DUBREUIL group, JCB dealer will become the leader on the French market with this machine, also called: backhoe or backhoe. It is also ahead of Caterpillar with its maintenance and remote control system for this construction equipment. The manufacturer has thus developed a Livelink software solution to enable real-time monitoring of machine performance and to optimize management. The program has been designed to facilitate interaction between the user and the equipment via an interface accessible from a telephone or a computer.

Volvo and Liebherr, two European brands not to be ignored

Apart from the different brands mentioned above, there are others not to be ignored when buying or renting construction equipment. Among them, we find Volvo, a manufacturer which, even if it only occupies a tiny share of the market, particularly for mini diggers and loaders, produces quality equipment.

As for Liebherr, it is a German company that also offers a wide range of products, including earth-moving machinery such as loaders and bulldozers among others. Its offer also includes drills, mobile cranes and hydraulic cable shovels.

The list of these different brands, as we can see, is not exhaustive, there are many others more or less known such as Doosan, New Holland, Manitou or Bobcat Company. This competition is a real asset since it contributes to lower prices, without diminishing the quality of the equipment.

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