Where To Find Franchise Opportunities Or Business Networks To Buy?

Created in the 1930s to circumvent antitrust laws in the United States, franchising quickly became a widespread model of economic development on the planet. Yet it wasn't until the mid-1980s that the franchise really began to grow. At the turn of the 2000s, the number of franchises in France exceeded one thousand and has more than doubled since. But where can you find opportunities for franchises or business networks to buy? Answers.

Franchise and its characteristics

The concept of the franchise aims to allow a brand to develop in a territory while maintaining its identity without committing its own funds. The idea is therefore to allow independent companies, the franchisees, to open new points of sale which will take over the brand, the know-how, the products or even the logistical means of the franchisor to exercise their activity and benefit from the brand reputation.

The franchise contract binds the two parties and imposes rights and duties on each. The franchisor must, for example, guarantee the exclusive use of the brand in a given territory or support throughout the duration of the contract, while the franchisee undertakes in particular to pay royalties. The model is therefore interesting for both parties, but how then to find opportunities for franchises or business networks to buy? Quite simply thanks to specialized players, of which Franchise Directe is one of the most eminent representatives, we will come back to this.

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In France, business creation has never been so good and this is partly due to the liveliness of the franchise model. Indeed, in terms of development, it is surely the most optimal strategy for entrepreneurs. By getting help for the contribution, for the right of installation or even for the network by an economic entity already established, the installation process is greatly facilitated.

This is why more and more Internet users who are looking to reinvent their professional career are going to the website of the French Franchise Federation or the Franchise Observatory to learn more about the model. This is a good place to get started in the field, to understand how to design an effective business plan, estimate turnover or even obtain a franchisee's operating manual. But the real question concerns above all the place to visit to find opportunities for franchises or business networks to buy.

Where to find opportunities for franchises or business networks to buy?

To embark on the entrepreneurial adventure, there is nothing like franchising. And to find the one that suits you, we strongly advise you to visit the franchisedirecte.fr website. It is an essential point of passage for any future franchisee. Here are listed all the franchises or business networks to buy, classified by sector, by level of investment or simply on the basis of their popularity at the time.

We can say that the site offers a sort of marketing panel of all the franchises available in France, but not only. You will also get first-hand information on events like the Franchise Expo Paris, collect valuable information about the model through videos, guides and news and of course can read many extremely interesting testimonials to get started in the best conditions!

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