What Were The Web Design Trends In 2022?

A year of great change in the web design and graphic design sectors, 2019 was particularly rich in creativity and innovation. Thus, even if certain lines of effort have not really changed during the said year, many others have been modified.

Here we take a look at some web design trends in 2019.

Graphic design and web design trends unchanged

The graphic design and web design sectors that were already trending before 2019 and which remained so during the said year are essentially those related to mobile versions of websites and web applications. Indeed, before 2019, there had been a strong growth in the number of people connecting to the internet via their mobile phones and tablets.

Website and web application designers could therefore not change their focus if they wanted to continue to satisfy the majority of visitors to their various web platforms. These designers have therefore improved the mobile versions of the sites, particularly in the areas of fluidity, design and graphics.

An increasingly miniaturized and refined design

Perfectly illustrated by the slogan "Less is more", i.e. "the smaller, the better" and Google's "Mobile First" concept, the emphasis placed by graphics and webdesign on the versions mobile sites and applications became predominant in 2019. The objective of this continuity of action was to make browsing via mobile more fluid, easier and simpler.

The fluidity of navigation via mobile

Formerly designed primarily for computers, websites and web applications are now mobile-first. This is why graphic design and web design works have been miniaturized so that the visit to the sites takes place in a more fluid and pleasant way than in the past.

This trend which existed before 2019 and which has increased during the said year has been greatly adopted by most web agencies such as the agency 107 Création which is a French company based in Finistère and which performs all kinds of services of webdesign and graphic design in Quimper, the city where its head office is located.

However, 107 Création's clients are not only based in Quimper. The company has indeed dozens of partners in the rest of France and even outside France.

The new graphics and web design trends of 2019

As you can see by clicking here, the graphic design and web design models that were a hit in 2019 are numerous and number in the tens or even hundreds.

However, these new trends for 2019, in addition to remaining in line with the trends before 2019, are all characterized by certain particularities, of which here are the three most important.

Bright and cheerful colors

As the design of sites and applications becomes increasingly miniaturized in order to be mobile-compliant, the color factor has not remained static. Unlike classic colors which were used more, the trend of 2019 was more oriented towards somewhat atypical and singular colors. Indeed, the most popular colors in 2019 were bright and shiny patterns, causing dull colors to lose their pre-2019 appeal.

large fonts

Chosen to make it easier to read texts on mobile devices, large fonts, which had somewhat lost their appeal, have become very trendy again in 2019. Serif fonts in particular have reappeared on sites and applications, especially in level of headlines in order to highlight and highlight them.

Micro-interactions and animated backgrounds

These animations aim to make the sites dynamic and their visit immersive. In fact, they allow users to never be bored during their visits to the sites. It is therefore right that designers have adopted and improved them during the year 2019.

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