What Trends For The Customer Relationship?

It has become a battleground for brands eager to retain customers. 66% of customers use more than 3 different channels to contact businesses. 67% of Internet users expect to talk to companies using messaging apps.

Quelles sont dès lors les tendances qui vont bouleverser l'expérience client au cours de l'année 2020? So what are the trends that will disrupt the customer experience in 2020?

Professionals for a good customer relationship

The Customer Relationship has a decisive role in the choice of customers for a brand. Customer Experience is in vogue to be the major element to differentiate brands. The products and the price will only intervene afterwards. Optimizing a good customer relationship helps retain a customer over the long term, but it won't happen without a bit of mayhem in the company.


The Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is the spokesperson for customer satisfaction. This expert is called upon by large companies to oversee customer interactions. It identifies the points of contact, whether direct or indirect, between the company and the customers.

It makes the relationship with customers more homogeneous. In customer relationship management, he surrounds himself with experts such as the Key Account manager.

He does a thorough analysis and mapping of the touchpoint journey to determine the obstacles or barriers to the brand's customer experience. It makes recommendations regarding content, features and services in order to reduce pain points. En savoir plus sur ce métier Learn more about this job

Putting the customer at the center of everything

This requires the effort of all components of the company. To be successful, it is essential to meet customer requirements. Wunderman asserts that 79% of customers appreciate the special attention of brands before any purchase. They expect brands to be more interested in them. A collective effort within the company is required to succeed in a customer-focused approach.

A necessary use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence needs to get more investment within companies. It is actually transforming the customer experience landscape. This is an asset for customer relationship management.

The majority of companies have implemented artificial intelligence for customer relationship management. Customers are more interested in using messaging apps to communicate with a business. AI contributes to the personalization of the relationship with customers.

Optimal data security

Customers interacting with brands and companies want better protection of their data. There are also state standards to control and protect the personal information of customers.

Customers want to know that their data is secure. The best companies ensure this by using new strategies and high-performance devices.

Loyalty program support

Customers are more grateful when they receive a few free gifts from brands. These are gestures to reward their loyalty. They are more likely to pay big bucks for a high-end customer experience. To this end, the brands offer exclusive benefits to Prime customers.

The propensity for digital transformation

The digital transformation continues to dictate its law to companies. The majority of customers use digital devices to contact brands. The latter are required to provide mobile applications to ensure a good customer relationship everywhere and at all times.

Customer relations companies are also subject to the acceleration of digital technology and it is very important to choose the right web service provider who will accompany you.

Behavior prediction analysis

Understanding and predicting customer behavior is an asset for customer relationship management. It is essential to save time for customers. This avoids dissatisfaction and bad experiences with companies.

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