What is the point of display advertising today?

In the digital age, much of the marketing and advertising is done on the internet. Whether you are on social media or searching Google, you are almost continuously exposed to online advertisements. However, when it comes to grabbing customer attention, display advertising can still give marketing a boost. Find out how!

Strengthen the identity of a company

Well-designed signage does more than grab the customer's attention. It helps to develop the memory of the brand name. This aspect is crucial when it comes to establishing your name in the industry. Your sign's logo, colors and general message create an immediate impression of your brand. If customers revisit the logo or design in the future, they should be able to associate it with your business. Be sure to hire a professional to keep your brand look consistent. If you have a website or social media page for your business, customers should be able to identify the similarity in design and message on signage when comparing it to your online marketing materials..

Help customers find the business

Consider the usefulness of a large tarp sign for your business location. Whether you're running an old store or just starting a new business, always make sure customers know where to find you. Place your business sign in key locations where there is an influx of traffic. For example, if you have a store or restaurant, you can put up an advertising tarp or banner along a busy highway or gas station. You can find a large selection of personalized tarpaulins at Prismaprint, a website specializing in large format printing on communication media. If you want to catch the eye, consider putting up signs near a bus stop or train station. The sign should have clear information on which direction to take and how far your business is from the location of the tarp. Once someone sees it, they will have the opportunity to decide if they want to try your services. Attractive signage can capture people's attention and drive potential customers straight to you.

Foster interaction

Want people to get more information? Place your business URL and social media handles on the panel. This allows them to visit your website or Facebook page later. Want a better way to convey specific information to customers? Personalize your panel by adding a quick response code or QR code. Smartphones are able to scan QR codes, which come in the form of square patterns. This allows businesses to convey information such as contact information, website address, store location, and other promotional information conveniently to people. If you want to keep up with the changing times, consider the QR code as a marketing element on your next tarp design.

When it comes to display advertising, size matters. And we're not just talking about putting up a big tarp to grab everyone's attention. Take note: a large and readable font size is important to reach more people. It makes the difference. Also, avoid serif fonts, which are harder to read when people are moving. Get help from a professional in the trade before you start printing a tarpaulin or a large format banner because you could quickly make mistakes.

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