What is a Legal Notice and what is it used for?

In our societies governed by the rule of law, business life is largely regulated to offer everyone the same chances of seeing their project prosper. From their creation until their dissolution, companies of an individual or collective nature see many events mark the fluctuations of their course. To show transparency and allow each of its interlocutors to be informed, the company is required to report these events through legal announcements. The legal announcement is in a way the communication of companies to the address of the community. Its suppliers, customers and other partners can thus learn about the current state of the company and know the public aspects of its status. Compulsory in many cases, it is the guarantor of a fair and transparent economic life, thus promoting the establishment of contacts and peaceful relations between the various actors of an economic environment. Explanations.

Definition of legal notice

The purpose of legal announcements is always to inform the public about the various events in the life of a company. This type of announcement is very special and must therefore always appear in a journal specializing in the subject, authorized by the state control authorities. From incorporation to liquidation or dissolution, all events concerning the company must be specified therein. One thinks for example of a change of manager, of status or a transfer of registered office.

You should know that the legal announcement is mandatory in many cases and that it follows very specific formatting rules. It is the Commercial Code which imposes this formality. It is based on a central aspect of French law, that of opposability. This principle must indeed necessarily integrate information from third parties in relation to the company to allow a serene and relevant exchange for the two parties involved. And the legal announcement publication is the official certificate that allows this trust.

What is a legal notice used for?

As said before, the legal notice is the official seal of a company's status at a specific time. Thus, the newspapers authorized to publish legal announcements are selected every year by an authorization commission which meets in each prefecture. It is on the advice of this same commission that the rates for legal announcements are set. This is why the price of the line or the millimeter is the same in the same department as that of the legal announcement paris for example. The legal announcement must necessarily contain a certain amount of information to be valid. The corporate name, the form of the company and its commercial name of course, but also more precise information such as the amount of its capital, the duration of the company or its corporate purpose. Finally, any legal announcement must present the first and last names of the manager(s) at the time when the announcement was published.

Properly publish your legal notice

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