What Equipment Are Needed For A Successful Pizzeria?

For a pizzeria, every device counts, but some devices are more than others. Irreplaceable, they will allow you to make a difference, save money or offer you the best possible quality of service. Without these means, turning your pizzeria into a successful pizzeria would be much more difficult. This article will detail the use of some of these devices, as well as the reasons why they were selected.

A refrigerated pizza table

Since it is extremely unpleasant and inconvenient to prepare a meal or food and see its temperature rise quickly, there are tables that automatically regulate their temperature according to your instructions to better meet your needs. Your preparations.

An all-in-one pizza table, usually made of stainless steel, does not interfere with the taste of food and does not emit harmful substances, will be an excellent ally in the daily organization of your kitchen. Thus, for the most precise cooking and for real control of your environment, it is no longer possible to see your preparations and your food hot without controlling their outside temperature. For a wide choice of tables and equipment to fit out your pizzeria, visit this site: www.allforfood.fr

Firewood pizza oven

The traditional method of cooking pizza is firewood. It gives a smoky taste, makes the crust crispy and has a distinctive and recognizable appearance. However, this method requires the expertise of a pizza maker, which can sometimes take years to fully understand the technique. Time should be adjusted based on oven temperature, size of oven, position of fire, as well as the movement of the pizza in the oven and how the cake is placed inside.

Storage boxes

They should also provide storage, and for a pizza place, you should be able to keep them handy. Therefore, the small stainless steel boxes are suitable for storing and having at hand the different ingredients that make up the pizzas. Ham, cheese, mushrooms, chilli and more…

Weighing is also essential, it is useful so that the preparation of the dough as well as the weighing of the dumplings are similar, this both avoids losses and allows general satisfaction.

For small materials and accessories

After a short tour of the biggest equipment, we also had to think about the small pieces that are very useful in a pizzeria. There are indeed small utensils that can be used for cutting, pricking, spreading and also in the oven. Therefore, the material for the pizza maker is very diverse… We can add the ham slicer, as well as the dough trays that allow the dough to float more easily, they are small trays just like trays. Crockery with lid.

You need plates and racks that allow you to easily handle pizzas from the moment they come out of the oven until they are served. You must provide the necessary packaging if your pizzeria offers take-out pizzas. Often there is also a beverage dispenser, in the takeaway pizza concept. Of course, the refrigerator cannot be ignored to keep food fresh.

In addition, the success of your pizzeria lies in the choice of equipment as well as in the quality of your homemade pizzas. Some recipes like margarita, parmigiana and even 4 seasons are essential. You can also start making original pizzas with good ingredients! Other recipes are delicious with just a few quality ingredients.

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