What documents to provide for obtaining a driving license?

Even if the ecological stakes and the desire to purify the air of the big cities seem to have to push the motorists far from the city centers, the fact remains that the car remains an inseparable tool of the daily life for many French people. Indeed, the bicycle or the scooter are very practical for making short trips or for navigating from home to the office, but for a large number of tasks, these means of transport are simply ineffective.

We think in particular of families who have to take their children to school, or of individuals who have to travel to large shopping centers to do their shopping. In addition, the car is also very practical for going on vacation or meeting occasional needs such as moving. Obtaining a driving license is therefore almost compulsory for many French people. But what are the documents to provide to recover the precious sesame? Answers.

Required documents for obtaining a driving license

If you have just successfully passed the driving test for the driver's license, you are now authorized to drive on the roads of France thanks to the presentation in the event of control of your certificate of success. But this is only true for the first four months following your success. Then, you will have to prove that you have obtained your driving license by presenting the official document, which you can request online by following the driving license procedure here.

You can in fact either register on the site of the ANTS (National Agency for Secure Titles) or prefer to go through the services of an expert such as Auto Démarches, we will come back to this. In terms of documents to produce, you will need to present, or send, a valid identity document, proof of address less than 6 months old, the Road Safety certificate, the Road Safety Certificate if applicable., the driving license certificate with mention "favourable", a digital photo ID code and a power of attorney if you wish to use the services of an intermediary.

Get your driver's license online

As said before, obtaining a driving license can be done either via the National Agency for Secured Titles, or through an agent such as Auto Démarches. The second option allows you to benefit from personalized support that will save you from long and daunting administrative tasks. In addition, their expertise and excellent knowledge of the procedures to follow allows them to speed up the process and therefore allow you to receive your driving license as soon as possible, which can be important if you are late.

The company is of course authorized by the Public Treasury and approved by the Ministry of the Interior for all procedures related to the driving license among others. You should also know that the company's customer service is extremely responsive, available Monday to Friday to answer your questions and that the site itself is a real mine of information for anyone looking to simplify their contacts with a French administration, certainly efficient, but also known for its slightly fussy appearance and its very demanding nature in supporting documents of all kinds.

An expert in driving license procedures at your service

If the Auto Démarches site is also appreciated by first-time buyers who wish to obtain their driving license quickly and simply, it is no less appreciated by those who have to contact the administration for other questions. related to the permit. Indeed, the theft, loss or deterioration of the precious document also requires you to make yourself known to the authorities to request a new document from the departments concerned and thus immediately comply with regulatory obligations.

For this, Auto Démarches accompanies people in need just as quickly. In the event of theft or loss, you must then remember to provide them with the receipt of the declaration of theft with the Cerfa documents n°14882 01 and 14948 01 signed and dated. Also note that in case of loss, it is absolutely necessary to attach a sworn statement, also dated and signed. Finally, if you request a duplicate because your license has deteriorated, you will have to produce the same Cerfa documents, dated and signed, as well as a photocopy of your old licence.

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