What are the advantages of video marketing for the company?

Due to increased competition prevailing in the market, companies are bound to re-energize their marketing technique in order to attract the most leads. The techniques used in the past have shown their shortcomings over time. As a modern marketing strategy, experts recommend opting for video marketing for the realization of different communication campaigns. The enthusiasm for this strategy is explained by the panoply of non-negligible advantages that it presents. Discover in this article the many advantages of video marketing for the company?

Video marketing improves SEO

In the world of digital marketing, video marketing is the perfect ally to optimize the SEO of your website. In fact, according to a survey provided by marketing experts, this strategy offers 53 times more chances for your site to be better positioned in the SERPs. This is explained in particular by the fact that the videos are attractive and make it possible to effectively capture the attention of Internet users. As a result, they spend more time on your platform. The increase in this visit time indicates to search engine algorithms that your content is qualitative. Thus, these will offer a better positioning to your website.

However, to achieve this, it is necessary to produce quality videos by:

– opting for catchy titles; – optimizing the duration of videos; – optimizing their description; – inserting subtitles.

To have optimized videos, it is strongly recommended to be accompanied by a video communication agency, such as Film Corporate. Made up of qualified and experienced staff, this agency will help you set up your various advertising campaigns.

Video marketing increases conversion rate

Digital marketing professionals have revealed that offering a marketing video on your website will significantly increase the conversion rate. Indeed, video marketing offers the possibility of presenting and highlighting your various products and services. The goal is to arouse the interest of Internet users. After watching this very attractive and very explanatory presentation, Internet users are more likely to buy the products or request the services offered on the platform.

Marketing video can be used internally

Besides its marketing role, video can be used for other important internal activities. Indeed, this innovative tool improves communication with your employees. It can be used, for example, to pass on useful information without having to call all the staff to a meeting. In this time of a pandemic, video is proving to be an excellent tool for respecting the required distancing measures. Indeed, this tool can be used to optimize your various e-learning courses. Thus, your employees will no longer have to gather in rooms in order to follow training courses or workshops. Additionally, video can be used for setting up remote meetings to discuss pressing business matters.

Video marketing for a better return on investment

Given its valuable impact on the notoriety of your website, video marketing allows you to enjoy an excellent return on investment. A survey carried out on a sample of 10 companies reveals that 8 of them noticed a very positive return on investment and this in a short time. According to analysts, the results of video marketing are better quantifiable and more remarkable than other marketing techniques.

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