What are the advantages of carrying out a G2 soil study?

Would you like to build a house on your land? Entrust the work to professionals. However, it is important to carry out a G2 soil survey before construction begins. This study is essential before the start of the work, and even ideally before the purchase of the land. So what are the advantages of carrying out a G2 soil study? A brief overview of the good reasons for carrying out this study.

What does the G2 soil study consist of?

The G2 soil study makes it possible to determine the behavior and nature of the soil on which the foundation of your future home will rest. This is a significant step to avoid unpleasant surprises. Indeed, it would be a shame to build your home on wet ground or in fact requiring specific foundations to avoid future problems. Thus, the G2 soil study is the guarantee of the durability of your future home : for more information on G2 soil studies, contact a construction specialist or go on the Internet.

The pre-project phase (G2 AVP)

The pre-project phase includes an engineering service and an investigation service. The engineering service includes a site study carried out upstream, as well as the management and organization of the investigation work. These include drilling, testing and laboratory analysis. In addition, the follow-up, analysis and interpretation of the results of the investigations are also included in this phase. A study report is drawn up by a geotechnical engineer at the end of the engineering phase. As for the investigation phase, it is characterized by soundings and in situ tests (geological reconnaissance soundings, geomechanical tests, etc.). It also includes laboratory tests.

The G2 PRO soil study

This phase comes just after the pre-project phase. It includes a summary of the site and provides details on the execution techniques concerning the geotechnical works, as well as the associated values. In addition, it includes optimized sizing calculation notes for geotechnical structures. The G2 soil study is carried out at the project management stage. It specifies the choices of construction of the geotechnical structures, as well as their final dimensioning.

The advantages of the G2 soil study

Several reasons can justify the use of the G2 soil study, starting with its economic aspect. Indeed, a geotechnical study will not generate additional costs for the construction of your future home. The G2 soil study will allow you to find the appropriate solution for your foundations, taking into account the nature of the soil. In addition, it allows to optimize the amount of materials needed for the construction of the foundations.

In addition, a geotechnical study makes it possible to find the best solution for the foundations of the future construction. Indeed, there is no need to build the house on piles or micro-piles. This option should only be considered in the event of uncertainty about the bearing capacity of the soil. A solution based on conventional soles may be sufficient. Note that several home insurance companies agree to make you benefit from a reduction on damage insurance, if a soil study is carried out beforehand.

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