Triangular Shade Sail Vs Parasol: Tips For Recommending A Shade

For the happy beneficiaries of an outdoor space who wish to enjoy languorous afternoons, it is essential to protect themselves from the onslaught of the sun. Whether in the garden or on the terrace, protection against harmful rays requires the use of appropriate, durable and aesthetic equipment. With the triangular shade sail, which combines all these criteria and many more, the good old parasol has something to worry about. Both light and opaque, flexible and resistant, the shade cloth guarantees effective protection, easy to set up and very practical to use. Thanks to its height-adjustable poles and multiple attachment points, you can optimize your space and adjust it according to the direction of the wind or the layout of your garden furniture. Lifting the veil on variable geometry sun protection.

The triangular shade sail, rot-proof sun protection

Made of polyethylene, the triangular shade sail is designed like a tight-meshed net. This breathable frame allows it to protect your outdoor space from the blazing rays while guaranteeing good air circulation, essential for cooling its protected. Its fixing thanks to poles for shade sails with adjustable height makes it possible to modulate the configuration of the installation and to lower each corner of the canvas independently in a jiffy.

This maneuvering flexibility makes it possible to immediately and easily adjust the inclination of the fabric to adapt it to the incidence of the rays on your terrace or your garden. Unlike the parasol, it thus guarantees effective protection at all times, the assurance of enjoying your space in all circumstances and in all seasons. Rot-proof, these protective sails fold up in a few seconds and can be stored in the garage during the winter while waiting for the return of fine weather.

An aesthetic and practical canvas for your terrace

The triangular shade sail also benefits from a popular aesthetic design. Both sober and modern, this type of product differs from the parasol by its ability to protect large spaces in a durable, secure and modular way. The various colors available allow you to choose a veil in accordance with your style of garden furniture or the design of your lighting and its slender style will certainly give a touch of fantasy to your outdoor space.

In terms of functionality, the bollards allow great latitude in the conformation of your protection against the sun. Multiple anchor points allow different combinations. With the juxtaposition of several shade sails, you can recreate a real protective dome. Triangular or rectangular in shape, the fabrics play with the rays and create a cozy and cool little nest for you and your guests.

The shade cloth, unfailing resistance against the onslaught of time

The triangular shade sail is also distinguished from the parasol by its longevity. Its quality constituents allow it to withstand bad weather and the sensitive points of the installation are studied to counter the onslaught of time. The aluminum masts are not subject to any wear due to rust or salt and retain their power of tension on the canvas, which is essential for evacuating residual water and offering the least possible wind resistance.

You can thus perfectly use your shade sail in a coastal area or by the pool without risk. Ground anchoring systems or connecting elements between sails and posts benefit from the same finishing care to guarantee serene and long-lasting use of your installation. For a modest price, with style and in the long term, the shade cloth arises as the guarantor of your naps and your moments of idleness. We bet that it will quickly eclipse your antique parasol and put it back in the pantheon of somewhat obsolete antiques.

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