Trade Show Equipment And Supplies Checklist

Participating in a trade show is now part of any marketing and sales strategy for a company that wants to boost its notoriety and increase its turnover. However, this requires the most rigorous organization to put your chances on your side.

Develop a schedule of tasks to be done for the pro salon

For a successful trade show, it is important to be as meticulous as possible and to have a keen sense of organization. Start by making a list of potential customers and prospects to invite. Provide equipment to deal with any eventuality: large number of business cards, staplers and staples, pens, scotch tape, electrical blocks, extension cords, notebooks for taking notes, post-it notes, drinking water, reusable cups, laptops, etc. Think, in parallel, of the messages you want to convey during the trade show.

At the same time, think about your ideal location and your needs:

– What type of location do you need (in the aisle, in a corner, at the entrance, etc.)? – What size stand do you want? What furniture do you need? – Don't forget to match your stand with your company's brand image: – Logo, design, graphic charter, communication objects (roll-up, totem, posters, etc.)

Count on average 4 to 6 months of preparation beforehand between the request to participate in a show and the arrival on the spot. This upstream organization is crucial for the success of your participation in the trade show. Preparation always trumps action.By determining the reasons for your participation, by deciding which products to present and by deciding to allocate a dedicated team to the event (who can manage the administrative aspect as well as the material and marketing aspect), you are increasing your chances of your side.

A material checklist necessary during the show

Here is a non-exhaustive list of equipment and supplies to provide for the installation of your professional stand.

– For the commercial organization: business cards, individualized information sheets for customers, commercial brochures, pre-filled order forms and a badge reader to retrieve contact details (often offered for daily rental at trade shows). For the decoration of the stand: panels, shelves, plants, supports, frames, posters, roll-ups, spare bulbs if necessary. – For storage: shelves, displays- For practical furniture during the show: chairs, small tables, coffee or teapots, kettles, etc., but also food products (water, cakes, fruit juices, energy bars, etc.) – For the promotional aspect and marketing: DVD player and screen, DVDs and CDs, USB keys, computer equipment and your personalized Goodies (t-shirts, pens, mugs, tote bags, car waste collection bag, etc.) – For maintenance and stand cleaning: garbage bags (we always forget them), rags, tool kit, hooks

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During and after the trade show

The trade show is not only prepared in advance. It is also during and after the show that it is important to have the appropriate material and to follow up with customers, prospects and all visitors. Always look after the presentation of your stand with new, unworn equipment, with products in good condition. Pay attention to the decoration of the stand. It must make prospects want to discover your offer. However, find a differentiating element to stand out from the stands close to yours or your competitors. Welcoming your prospects remains an important element in your prospecting process. You only have 2 seconds to give a good impression of your company to your future customers. And don't forget to prepare your teams physically because trade shows require a lot of energy. The evening after the show closes, also remember to bring your team together for a dinner to thank them for their active participation. Attending a trade show often feels like a marathon. You have to be able to conserve your energy over the entire duration (including for the dismantling of the stand and the return for shows far from the places of residence). Finally, the trade show is also an opportunity to gather a lot of information about your customers and your competitors. Why not analyze this information by doing surveys, by asking prospects directly about what they liked, what they would like to find? Similarly, facilitate the participation of your customers with various means of payment (mobile payment terminal, check, etc.).

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