They also intend to maintain this course

With the global Coronavirus epidemic, populations have been forced into confinement. This then requires a change in behavior, especially among professionals. On the internet, a field such as e-commerce seems to be on the rise with this health crisis. Many professionals have made it their favorite place to shop remotely. So the concept of BtoB commerce appears to be a godsend for these professionals.

Covid-19: purchases are accelerating among professionals

According to a study carried out by IPSOS VIEW before the health crisis, 60% of people researched digitally before buying in stores, compared to 27% for the reverse. According to another study on the Barometer of new consumer trends conducted by Wavestone, 58% of customers make a purchase on the internet at least once a month, and 18% at least once a week. Thus, in all areas, the trend of the acquirer was digital.

With the covid-19 health crisis, the situation has completely changed. In the need to comply with the health measures imposed by the authorities, many companies then adjusted their BtoB marketing strategy. Indeed, there has been a marked acceleration of searches on the internet. Thus, since the start of the crisis, 32% of professionals questioned have consulted more online reviews, according to a Trustpilot survey carried out on April 1, 2020.

This reflects a major change in the behavior of companies, now oriented towards online purchases. Between 50 and 60% of companies said they had resorted to online purchases in various areas ranging from household appliances to clothing, not to mention so-called “non-essential” purchases. They also intend to maintain this course, at least, until the health crisis subsides.

Online purchases: What interests for professionals?

Selling and buying online confers many benefits and represents alternatives for merchants and buyers, particularly in this health crisis of covid-19. Indeed, the pandemic is forcing people around the world to stay at home in an effort to stem the spread of the virus. This implies a limitation of travel to make certain purchases considered "non-essential". The option of selling and buying online can then prove to be a salutary solution. Professionals can then enjoy many advantages.

– Time saving: shopping on the internet does not require any travel. With one click, you can order and receive your shopping. – A varied choice: the products are accessible and within your reach. No need to go around town or around the world. With just a few clicks, you can compare the costs and qualities of the products and make your choices. – The delivery service: e-commerce stores are generally accompanied by a free delivery service at home or at the place you specify. – A multitude of reductions: online, you can easily find good deals reserved for professionals. Indeed, prices tend to drop and e-merchants regularly present discounts and many good deals on all products to attract and maintain customers. – Product returns: one of the particularities of digital sales is the return of purchases. In the event of withdrawal, you can return your basket and be reimbursed.

BtoB pro offers: professionals rub their hands

Because of the real opportunities it offers, the BtoB contract is positioned as an alternative to be explored by companies. The virtual nature of this form of commerce does not detract from its legality. It offers guarantees and is signposted. Thus, the rules established concern the general conditions of sale, the conditions of payment, the rules of invoicing and the right of withdrawal. Today, several sites offer services, with discounts dedicated to professionals, for their development.

Also, platforms have emerged for this purpose. Among the best known are MarketPlaces. These are online stores that distribute the products of several companies. Making profits on the web indeed requires a lot of work, experience and skills. This is why some companies prefer to rely on professionals to do good business. Among the sites offering services to the most popular companies, there are Amazon Business, Manutan, Cdiscount Pro, Lengow, Malt, Agriconomie, etc.

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