The Rules For Using False Hair

Hairpieces are great hair choices. Simple to put on and easy to use, they are fashionable and sublimate any woman. They make it possible to achieve a perfect hairstyle and the stars use them to make their hairstyles more provided or more original. You can use them to change the style of your hairstyles regularly and make you look more gorgeous. However, to have hairpieces on top, you must follow the rules that apply to their use. What are these rules? We will discover them in this article!

Rules to follow when washing

Hairpieces are fragile hair. Whether they are made from synthetic materials or even from natural hair in a model to be applied to frizzy, curly, straight or frizzy hair, they are sensitive and must be treated as such. That is why when washing you need to take care that they do not spoil. To start, put a hair shampoo in cold water. Then put the hairpieces upside down in the prepared water and wash them carefully, without twisting or rubbing them until they are clean. Finally, change the water, rinse them sufficiently and let them drain.

Rules to follow when drying

To dry your hairpieces, place them in the open air, or in warm air on a hooded dryer. But it is necessary to avoid drying with the towel at the risk of subduing them. To speed up the drying process, you can place the wet wig in a microwave for 30 seconds beforehand.

Rules to follow when brushing

Brushing or combing is an essential rule for the optimal use of false hair. Brushing should be done with slow gestures, but never brush or comb the hair when it is wet, because when washed, the hair swells and the attachment knots can come undone easily. You should also avoid pulling on the hair when it is tangled. Before brushing, it is important to clean your combs and brushes with the soap or shampoo of your choice.

Rules to follow when positioning

Doing a hairstyle in hairpieces is a good idea, but you have to respect the rules of positioning. Thus, after brushing, the hair must be tied in a bun with a thin elastic at the top of the skull or on the top of the head. You must then place the hairpieces carefully by loosening the elastic link and inserting the top comb and the bottom comb into the attachment in place. Finally, just tighten the elastic tie and hide it inside to have the hairstyle in hairpieces.

Other rules

To have your hair always in good shape and to be desired, it is important to adopt a good diet and to manage your stress well on a daily basis. For example, you can buy from organic wholesalers. It is also necessary to ban tobacco and to protect the hair often from the sun by wearing a hat. These factors promote hair loss and aging. It is also important to limit cosmetic or heat treatment (use of curling irons, straightening irons, coloring, bleaching, smoothing, etc.) of hairpieces as much as possible.

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