The Pluses And Minuses Of The Custom Stand

A stand is neither more nor less than the interface and the showcase of your company. If you therefore want to stand out at a trade show, fair or similar event, it is important to create a tailor-made stand, that is to say a stand adapted to your offers as well as to the target audience. Whether high-end or inexpensive, this type of stand comes in several varieties. Here, in a nutshell, are the advantages of a custom-designed stand.

The custom stand: what is it?

Custom-designed stands, also called individual stands, are unique and personalized creations made by professional stand builders such as, which is now considered one of the benchmarks in this field. These sets are characterized by their uniqueness and originality. By integrating the personality of the company it presents, a custom-made stand must stand out from the others by its particular design and by the quality of its construction materials.

The realization of an individual stand is carried out beforehand thanks to a 3D software which allows the designer to preview the stand before its realization. When it comes to stand style, your options are limitless. For example, you can opt for a contemporary, sober or ultra-modern style. Everything depends on you. The creation of an individual stand gives you absolutely all the choice of material, style and design.

With neat and very aesthetic carpentry, ordering a custom stand remains the best option to present a quality image in order to attract your target.

What are the advantages of a custom stand?

The advantages of a custom-made individual stand are numerous compared to conventional stands. First of all, it's an opportunity to offer you real marketing impact with predictable results. But one of the greatest advantages of a custom stand is the possibility of personalizing it, and also of reusing it.

A customizable installation

Depending on your needs, your budget and your company, you can easily order a professional to create a custom stand. The choice will be up to you, according to your means, between simple billboards listing your product or service offers in a few lines, and original architectural creations that will inevitably attract passers-by (you can find out more about Gataka).

The goal of personalization is that when they finally enter your stand, your guests are completely immersed in the universe of the brand and are seduced by it even before you actually present your product and service offers to them. A stand is custom designed by integrating this objective. Furniture, lights, floor coverings, sound, colours, everything is thought out on a tailor-made stand, down to the smallest detail, to offer you a pleasant space.

A partially reusable stand

While it is true that the personalized stand can be worth a certain cost, it still offers the advantage of being reusable for other occasions. Of course, some materials must be renewed. But in the end, if the initial investment may seem considerable, you have the advantage of keeping a good part of the modules in your store and this for years.

This will allow you to recover your investment over time. The custom-designed, customizable stand is therefore meant to be quickly and easily dismantled regardless of location. A well-thought-out tailor-made stand therefore ensures that you do not order another one at each trade show or exhibition.

What are the disadvantages of a custom stand?

A custom-designed stand can represent a significant budget. This is the first major drawback of this external communication tool. As is, it's hard to get a return on that investment except over time, unless the products or services you're offering are truly worth the cost on a single exposure. This is an order to include in your marketing plan.

This is why if you really want a custom-made stand, you must give yourself the means and above all entrust its care to a professional stand designer who is also very knowledgeable in decorating and organizing stands. Another disadvantage is that, unlike modular stands, custom stands are only partially reusable.

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