The Missions of a Lawyer Specialized in Administrative Law in Paris

The lawyer specializing in administrative law is a key figure in administrative procedures and/or trials. He also perfectly masters the workings and workings of the administration and can, thanks to this, get you out of several unfavorable situations. Focus on the missions of this professional in this article.

The administrative law lawyer: who is he?

Before knowing a little more about the administrative law lawyer, it is important to make a few conceptual clarifications.

So, know that a lawyer is a professional or a legal person who practices law. He carries out numerous legal tasks and can both defend and advise natural and legal persons. The lawyer can be a generalist or a publicist like the lawyer specializing in administrative law.

Administrative law is a part of public law. It concerns all the standards that govern the organization and functioning of the administration. Also, this matter governs the relationships that exist between the citizens and the administration and that can also arise between them on the occasion of their collaboration.

The administrative law lawyer in Paris is therefore a legal professional who deals with emerging disputes between the administration and individuals. In particular, he is required to assist you, defend you and represent you before the courts and administrative tribunals. Clearly, know that this expert can intervene in all disputes involving the administration. Discover here its main missions.

The main missions of a lawyer specializing in administrative law in Paris

The lawyer specialized in administrative law can accomplish several types of missions on behalf of his clients. He can thus advise them, defend them or even draft deeds for them.

The administrative law lawyer, an important adviser

Before defending his client before the administrative courts, the administrative law lawyer is first called upon to advise him. It is therefore the professional to contact if you wish to have clarifications or to be advised in relation to your (legal) situation in the public administration.

Also, this professional can assist you in signing an agreement. Here, he can, for example, read the terms of the contract and identify the abusive clauses hidden there (if the agreement contains any).

In addition, if an administrative act contravenes your rights, you could contact this specialist so that he can give you some advice or tell you what to do. Clearly, the assistance of a lawyer specializing in administrative law can allow you to resort to legal decisions or actions in order to settle certain legal situations.

The defense mission of the lawyer specializing in administrative law in Paris

Here, this lawyer will notably be required to defend your interests before the administrative courts. He can proceed with this defense as long as the proceedings have not been closed by the administrative judge. Also, he can try to settle your dispute amicably in order to avoid long and tedious legal proceedings.

It should be noted that the administrative law lawyer can intervene in any administrative dispute. The latter may relate to cases of dismissal (individual, collective, abusive, etc.), sanctions or deprivations (rights, etc.).

The administrative lawyer, an expert in drafting administrative documents

An administrative lawsuit can be lost or won on issues of formalities without an actual handling of the case. To avoid facing such disappointments, you must entrust the drafting of your administrative acts to a lawyer specialized in administrative law, especially if they relate to a trial. Indeed, this expert masters perfectly well the writing of these kinds of documents and knows at his fingertips, the essential mentions that they must include.

Also, an administrative law lawyer can work with you for the drafting of several other administrative documents (letters, contracts, decisions, settlement protocol, etc.). His know-how and his intervention will save you in particular from abuse, which will allow you to win many battles, whether or not they are legal.

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