The Measures to Take for the Fight Against Covid in Business

At the very beginning of the pandemic, companies were forced to close and favor telework. And even if some sectors, such as catering, had to wait a while before reopening, other industries continued their activity. The dramatic spread of Covid has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses.

Fortunately, the restrictions are becoming more and more relaxed. But that doesn't mean everything will go back to normal. For scientists, the only way out of this crisis is vaccination. And employers should develop a strategy to vaccinate their employees. And today, services like those offered by Libheros allow you to benefit from the appropriate system to effectively fight against the coronavirus.

Key protective measures against Covid

It has been proven that the coronavirus spreads much more in confined places. And workplaces can be a high-risk space. Measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus must therefore be applied carefully. These include limiting unnecessary travel, wearing masks, social distancing of one meter, hand washing, regular disinfection of the workspace…

Clear policies and messaging, training and education for staff and managers to increase Covid awareness are essential. Caring for people with coronavirus or their contacts is also crucial, for example requiring workers who develop symptoms or feel unwell to stay home. The deployment of a test campaign is also an essential step. This will allow employers to take the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the disease within the company.

What are the rights, duties and responsibilities of employers?

Employers, workers and their organizations should collaborate with health authorities to prevent and manage Covid. Cooperation between management and employees and their representatives is essential for preventive measures in the workplace. Labor standards relating to the responsibilities and rights of workers and employers with regard to health and safety at work should be scrupulously respected.

Employers should plan and implement arrangements to prevent and mitigate the spread of coronavirus in the workplace through engineering and administrative controls, and provide personal protective equipment based on risk assessment. Such measures should not entail any expense on the part of the workers. It is also important to take specific measures to protect employees exposed to a higher risk of developing serious forms, such as those suffering from health problems.

How should workers act?

Workers are required to follow occupational safety and health, infection prevention and control measures established for their workplace and to participate in training provided by the employer. Employees should report to their manager any situation that could present an imminent and serious danger to their life or health. Moreover, in the event of too high risks to their health, they can perfectly withdraw. Respect for barrier gestures in the workplace is crucial to guarantee everyone's safety.

Despite a less dramatic situation than at the start of the pandemic, companies must continue to protect their employees. And for this, setting up a test and vaccination campaign for their employees is crucial in the long term. Thanks to this, they can work safely.

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