The main problems that a webmaster can encounter with his web host

Web hosting consists in offering a “residence” to a web platform by putting all its content on a server permanently connected to the internet. Once this site is hosted, Internet users can access it at any time, regardless of the terminal used. We must therefore admit that without hosting, there can be no websites. This digital service also conditions the performance of the hosted website, as well as its protection and security.

So the better the server, the better. The owner can then take advantage of this to improve the user experience and comply with search engine requirements. In short, hosting has a positive impact on online marketing efforts. However, this service is by no means without its problems. Here are some examples.

A web host offering poor technical support: the developer's worst enemy

This is probably the kind of problem that the majority of webmasters encounter with their web host. Customer support is considered bad when it is unreliable, unavailable, and unresponsive. In other words, it is characterized by:

– an excessive response time, – a response that does not solve the problem encountered, – an irrelevant and unsatisfactory response, – a ticket split up between different technicians with sometimes contradictory responses, etc.

To avoid this kind of problem and having to change provider all the time, webmasters should only entrust the hosting of their site to a host who offers quality technical assistance. Of course, the responsiveness, reliability and availability of this service is one of the points that distinguish reliable hosts from those who neglect customer satisfaction.

Thanks to qualitative customer support, webmasters can easily and quickly reach the technical team of their host as soon as a problem arises. This can be done either by telephone, by e-mail or via a chatbot. To find out more about the different ways to contact technical support, you can go to the guide presents the possibilities that any good host should offer.

Technical assistance worthy of the name allows any webmaster to perpetuate the performance of his website and to manage it serenely. Since he is well surrounded thanks to this service, he can count on the assistance of a team of competent, available and reactive technicians, each time he is confronted with a problem that he cannot resolve himself. same.

The technicians are responsible for diagnosing the hosted website in order to determine the origin of the problem. They then explain to the webmaster what is really happening and select the different ways to resolve it as quickly as possible. Moreover, these technicians are the only ones able to solve technical problems that may affect each hosted website. And even if the webmaster is not facing any problem, he can always request technical assistance as soon as he needs advice.

A succession of performance issues and crashes

Recurring outages and poor performance are undoubtedly a real pain for webmasters. Not only will they drive away customers and visitors, but they can also lead to a penalty from search engines, and therefore a loss of potential traffic.

These problems are often the work of a poorly performing server that does not offer hosted sites all the resources they need in all circumstances. In the majority of cases, this type of server is not SSD and is shared. And we know perfectly well that a shared server always rhymes with performance sharing, allowing certain hosted sites to become busy at the expense of others.

It may also be that the site is hosted on an unsuitable offer that prevents it from developing as it should, or that it is simply poorly configured and poorly developed.

A web host offering a control panel that is not very ergonomic and difficult to use

Provided by hosting providers, server control panels allow webmasters to manage different aspects of the server and their website. Unfortunately, the ergonomics and intuitiveness of some of them are so bad that their user struggles to tame them and handle them correctly. However, improper handling of these programs leads to technical problems of all kinds, the consequences of which could be fatal.

Many hosts also provide webmasters with a server control panel which, in addition to being clumsy, frequently crashes, is extremely slow and often generates errors. This tool may even be accompanied by a user manual containing obsolete, incompressible, erroneous, incomplete or badly translated information.

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