The Best CBD Brands In France 2022

The legalization of hemp in many countries has resulted in a massive boom in the CBD oil market. A few dozen CBD companies grew into hundreds, if not thousands, which made it very difficult to keep track of all the brands available on the market.

It is now very difficult for consumers to know which is the best product to buy because there is an oversaturation of choices and not all of them are trustworthy. Also, there are fewer high quality products on the market than lower quality ones.

If you're trying to figure out which is the best CBD oil option for you, whether you're a new user or not, in this article we'll help clear up that dilemma.We've put together essential information on some of the best brands on offer in the UK so you can make an informed decision before purchasing a product.

# Sarah's Blessing

This CBD oil company contains pure, wild-picked hemp extracts, made with pure, natural ingredients, which go through a very rigorous manufacturing process. The quality of their products is unique containing no artificial components like preservatives, colorings, flavorings and parabens.

They offer a wide variety of oils, like the 9% CBD oil often used by chronic pain sufferers, or their full-spectrum CBD oil made from hemp which is produced by a potent and effective formula. ; and they are all tested in the laboratories by good health professionals to certify their quality.

All lab reports are posted on the company's website for customers to read, allowing them to know in detail the components and quantities contained in each product.

This brand offers a variety of products with low and affordable prices like: CBD oil 3% (300mg) and CBD oil 6% (600mg).Sarah's Blessing Company uses the cold pressing and unrefined process to retain the natural effects of the oil and the superior CO2 extraction process to ensure a THC-free formula.

#Nordic Oil

It is one of the most appreciated European brands because it offers a truly innovative range and high quality products. It is one of the largest CBD companies in Europe, and it also has a presence in the United States.

Nordic Oil has a wide range of products to offer its customers, such as: CBD topicals, oils, CBD extract, e-liquids, pet products and much more.

The company offers almost all types of CBD products in multiple variations, they also produce multivitamin CBD liquids. They have hemp farms across Europe, and they are lab tested to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Nordic Oil products follow all EU recommendations and regulations. Their products do not exceed the allowed THC limit (0.2%), and they use organic ingredients.

This brand is extremely innovative; not only does it offer every CBD product imaginable, but it takes them to the next level (like the Nordic Cosmetics line). Their products are available in multiple languages, as well as their website, which is something you won't find in other brands.


This company was founded by an outstanding European biochemist and offers some of the most innovative products on the market, all of which are rigorously tested by an independent agency to ensure extreme transparency.

It has a huge array of products, from standard CBD tinctures to unprocessed raw oils, to CBD concentrates and capsules.

They even sell some of the more inaccessible products such as suppositories and 99.9% CBD crystals. Taking this into consideration, it is necessary to clarify that this is not a cheap brand; nor is it overpriced. The value of their product is according to their quality. However, their prices are far from the cheapest CBD products on the market.

Endoca makes several charitable contributions. They donate to grassroots movements that embody their mission and adhere to principles such as education, sustainability and balanced lifestyles.

Endoca does not offer much information about the origin of its hemp, nor its quality. The word “organic” is mentioned several times on their website, but never specifically linked to their source of hemp. However, they provide biological and heavy metal testing to prove that their products are free from common contaminants.

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