SEO: Tips To Improve Your Local SEO:

Google's update impacting results pages and predominantly displaying Google My Business profiles for local queries has changed the competitive landscape. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for local searches are now extremely competitive. This means that SEOs must work harder to get the desired results on keywords relating to a geographic area.

Local keyword analysis

A good SEO strategy always starts with keyword research – preferably using a tool like Keyword Planner or SEM Rush. The Keyword Planner is a free Google tool for Google Ads users. It will allow you to obtain search volumes for keywords by having the possibility of filtering the geographical search area (country, city, region, etc.).

SEM Rush is a paid SEO tool that will allow you to obtain search volumes for keywords, but also to target the questions asked by Internet users in search engines.

Acquisition of local inbound links

It is common knowledge that a good backlink acquisition campaign is essential to the success of an SEO campaign. Therefore, it is also a priority element in the context of local SEO. Unfortunately, building and earning organic links takes a long time. You will need to connect with local bloggers and influencers to talk about your website.

Let's take a concrete example. If you are the head of a digital marketing agency and you are looking to position yourself on the Paris SEO agency query, it is advisable to ensure that your site receives backlinks from local directories or websites such as press media sites in your city and region. A good method is to get in touch with the sites of local institutions such as the site of your town hall, chamber of commerce or school, in order to ask them to communicate about your company and to integrate a backlink.

Google My Business for local SEO

Google My Business is one of the most crucial elements for improving your local SEO. Without properly registering your business details on Google My Business, your business will not appear in Google's engine results.

Don't worry because setting up your Google My Business page isn't difficult at all. You just need to follow the instructions provided by Google. Obviously, we advise you to update your company name, address and telephone number as soon as a change is made. Most of the establishments that Google removes from My Business listings are those that do not provide an up-to-date address for Internet users.

However, filling in the basic information of your establishment will not be enough to make you appear at the top of the results for a local search. Indeed, there are aspects of your Google My Business listing to optimize in order to stand out from the competition:

– Fill in a logo for your company – Write a description of your establishment in 750 characters, including keywords related to your city or region – Manually fill in the geographical areas that your company serves- Publish Google posts once a week to keep Internet users informed of your news – Update your opening hours by indicating whether your business is open during public holidays – Respond to reviews left by your customers that they either positive or negative – Add a searched keyword to your business title

In addition to these optimizations, also remember to add a maximum of photos illustrating the interior and exterior of your establishment in a positive way.

On-site SEO: Website optimization

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