Scrubber Driers: An Essential For Cleaning?

A washing machine, what is it?

This is a machine used in floor maintenance. With the ability to perform several actions at the same time, it saves time for the professional in charge of maintenance. When it was first necessary to vacuum and then move on to mopping, the scrubber drier by combining these functions in its passage ensures a fast and efficient service, through cleaning and drying. A scrubber drier consists of two essential parts: rotating brushes and an extractor. It begins by wetting the floor with a detergent solution present in the tank, then rotating brushes intervene to scrub it. A suction is then made, then will follow the drying of the soil by the extractor.

Types of scrubbers

Depending on the surface that will be cleaned, there are three types of scrubber driers. When it comes to small areas, a no-drag scrubber is the one for you. It does, however, need to be pushed to move. However, an extraordinary effort is not required for its displacement. We also have a self- propelled scrubber -dryer, which, as its name suggests, can move without the effort of the driver, who ultimately only plays a steering role. It can be used for small surfaces as well as medium ones. The ride-on scrubber -dryer is the one that is suitable for cleaning larger surfaces. The driver sits on it, which is not the case for the others and it obviously requires that there is no clutter in the area where it will have to move. According to the mode of supply, we can also make a distinction between three types: battery-powered scrubbers with the need for recharging, electric scrubbers with cable, and thermal scrubbers that run on gasoline, diesel, etc. If there are several types of scrubbers, there is certainly one that suits your needs perfectly. It is important to make the right choice with for optimal satisfaction.

A tool of choice

Any workspace needs to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and hygiene; the health of the workers and the very image of the company are at stake. For cleaning professionals as well as private individuals, scrubber driers are the cleaning machines of choice, whose performance brings satisfaction, for the quality of the work provided associated with the speed of operation. After their passage, they leave behind them a shiny and dry floor, which limits the risk of slipping. They have the advantage of being versatile, which makes them essential tools for professional cleaning.

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