Reasons Why Freelancers Need Coworking Spaces

A home is where you shamelessly fall asleep on the couch in the middle of your latest series craze, where you turn off your brain and regroup. Is it really a good idea to make it your office space too?

And, many Freelancers ask the question, why do coworking when you are a freelancer? Do you experience your best productivity and best flow moments in a coffee shop? How about day by day?

As alluring as ceilingless wifi or working in your pajamas, here are the reasons why a constructive and efficient workspace in collaborative environments is awesome!

Distractions, distractions, distractions…

The daily grind of life, pets, kids, chores, and whatever else you need to do in your head can potentially reduce your productivity. An activity quickly becomes a chasm of things to do and you end up wandering aimlessly in search of your productive moments. It often happens that we leave the house to find a fairly quiet and uninterrupted work space (the discovery of the coffee office?).

Working from home may seem ideal, but if it doesn't promote productivity and doesn't allow for dedicated office spaces, then it becomes moot.

Cafes aren't much better, with constant distractions and little infrastructural support when it comes to running consistent business activity. It can be great for flowing moments, but only for so long at a time.

Renting an office in Paris 8, or a coworking space, can provide a more focused environment with a great balance of dedicated workspace, social interaction and beautiful interior! You will often find energy, focus and productivity in an environment that is not as strict as the office building, but which offers enough space for constructive work.

Beat that lonely feeling

Sharing a workspace with someone, especially if that person is a partner or employee, creates a sense of community. People are social beings, so locking yourself in your house for several days in a row can benefit you, but can turn even the most introverted among us into cubicle junkies.

Renting an office in Paris 8 or a shared space like a coworking space cultivates productive energy and collaboration while protecting your mental health. Many people feel inspired to work when they have people around them, even when they are remote.

It creates a feeling of cohesion. Everyone is working on something meaningful, not doing the same thing, but working together. Coworking spaces are great for building networks that contribute to your future endeavors while giving you “space” to get into the zone.

The always elusive moments of self-discipline

Working in a space where there are no real guidelines to set work hours and efforts requires a lot of self-discipline and motivation. Staying motivated by the goals you set for yourself is often up to you.

So, as self-discipline tends to fade away, many people end up frustrated and condemning themselves for not achieving their goals. Contrary to what has been taught for years in the work environment, this often does not lead to work and then to the end. Instead, people sink deep into feelings of remorse over time and become demotivated. A simple task becomes a mountain and eventually this unhealthy process becomes a catch-up cycle.

A coworking space will stimulate a general working atmosphere. When you're working there, it's easier to tap into productivity instead of scrolling through your Facebook News Feed for an hour. Having people around you working will push you to work through motivation or a sense of personal guilt. It remains an inspiring, supportive and productive space, without the strict demands of an office job, but helps people who have a low degree of discipline.

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