Radiologists: Bring Your Expertise Within Telemedicine

As a healthcare professional, you must do your best to meet the needs of your patients. The closure of many hospitals, the elimination of places in certain hospitals, the desertification of doctors in the countryside are problems that must be faced. Clients often have to wait several weeks before getting an appointment with a radiologist, but today, thanks to the Internet and telemedicine software, solutions have been found.

Optimized patient care

If you wish to join the network of TMF teleradiologists, in order to be able to diagnose examinations remotely, you can do so with the help of a telemedicine editor-operator. You will therefore be able to join this network with a view to improving patient care. The company, made up of expert doctors, is managed and run by radiologists working with a high-performance teleradiology solution. This service makes it possible to compensate for the demographic heterogeneity of our country in terms of radiologists by bringing qualitative radiology to the peripheral hospitals. You can therefore bring your expertise in radiology to meet the expectations of patients and healthcare establishments.

An innovative and efficient solution

You will benefit from a simple but effective planning solution, which will allow you to communicate your availabilities and visualize the assignments to establishments requesting expertise as well as their essential contacts. You will be delighted with this secure teleradiology solution, suitable for any type of radiology workflow (CT, MR, CR). Moreover, it is not for nothing that it has been tested by organizations such as DGA, DGOS, but also by 4,000 healthcare professional customers from France and around the world. The customer area for monitoring activity will be simplified thanks to a portal allowing live monitoring. Automatic invoicing will allow you to follow the status of mandates related to radiological interpretations and statistics will offer you the possibility of establishing graphs to better monitor the processing of patient tele-files.

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