Publish a Book: The Benefits of Print-on-Demand

Any author of a book, whether it's a novel, an essay or a technical work, knows it: if the hardest part is writing it, designing it, the work is not not finished yet. It is then necessary to think of two particularly technical aspects which it is advisable not to neglect, the impression as well as the choice of the mode of edition.

If it is often the nature of the publishing process that will determine the ideal printing method, we have chosen, with this article, to present one to you which is currently particularly popular with authors: printing at the request.

What is Print on Demand?

It is a digital printing technique coupled with a commercial process: printing on demand makes it possible to produce books quickly and in variable quantities, often minimal, even individually.

Its features and advantages

As its name suggests, it is a question of using it to best adapt to a specific request and the advantages of this principle are numerous, first and foremost the flexibility offered by this printing method.

No stock, or only the bare necessities. This reduces the risks associated with financial commitment, as well as freeing you from the need to find logistical solutions to store your books. You can therefore allow yourself to work on their distribution, so to speak, just in time.

A direct consequence of this principle is that it is very environmentally friendly. A book produced is a book sold. And if we take into account the specific functioning of the publishing field, we thus avoid going through the pestle, even if the paper from the latter is now systematically recycled.

Furthermore, such a printing process can also be used for the production of a single copy. It's perfect to get started and realize what your work will really look like, if your choices in terms of model are judicious. It can also be used to put on paper a university work, a thesis or a dissertation, giving it the most polished presentation. Ditto for a gift. This is a very original way of offering a person a long text that has been written for them; this impression is made possible from a file of a dozen pages.

Finally, be aware that choosing print on demand also saves time since the process takes a maximum of two days, in case you go through the internet to place your order.

The various uses that can be made of it

We have of course mentioned the main one with the printing of a book directly by its author, but custom printing can also apply to other texts and documents. This is the case for all those that have now fallen into the public domain. They are most often downloadable in the form of files directly on the Internet, some by contacting the BNF, some directly via the publishers' site. Some publishers also use this process themselves to reprint out-of-stock works.

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