Professional Movers VS Amateur Movers

A move is necessary by a transfer to the other end of France where the family is growing. It remains to be seen how you will make this change of residence. Professional movers or friends and family? In fact, it is the volume of your goods, the distance to be traveled and of course the budget you have for the move that will determine your choice.

Call in the professionals

The estimate

Allow some time to organize everything. Don't take the first professional mover you find and ask for several detailed quotes. Beware of those who do not come for a preliminary visit. An independent mover can be interesting unless you are going very far. In this case, a company that has subsidiaries throughout France and even internationally, will certainly offer lower costs.

The different formulas

– The luxury formula: the most expensive, the company takes care of everything from A to Z. – The standard formula: the movers dismantle and reassemble the furniture, pack and unpack fragile objects such as crockery. – The economical formula: you prepare all your boxes. The company only takes care of loading, transport and unloading.

The contract

A contract is established between the customer and the mover. The price varies according to the nature of the move: distance, volume, single storey, floor, city center… Do not neglect the declaration of value. Indeed, it determines part of the price. You specify the total value of the assets in order to be compensated in the event of theft of the truck, for example, because the mover is responsible.

If you think you will not have enough time to organize your move, the Nextories company is at your disposal to take charge of your move, from the search for the best professional to the administrative procedures.

You move alone

Your budget is tight, forget the professional mover. Appeal to all the good will of your entourage by soliciting them well in advance. There are still certain steps to follow and a minimum budget to plan for.

Vehicle rental

Anticipate renting a truck if none of your acquaintances have one. The price varies according to the rental company and according to the size of the vehicle. Provide a parking space in front of your old and new home (paid or not?).

Additional costs

– Petrol: you will need to refuel your rental vehicle and pay the mileage. – Toll: the cost of the toll can be astronomical! – Equipment: provide tape, bubble wrap, blankets, boxes (unless you have collected some for free) and perhaps the rental of a devil. – Staff: your apprentice movers will be hungry and thirsty!


– If you don't have "special glass" boxes with braces, wedge socks inside. Intersperse porcelain plates with others made of cardboard or plastic. – A wheeled suitcase can be used as a trolley to carry boxes.

And why not a truck rental with driver?

Moving alone is nice, but does anyone have the right permit? You mainly pay for the services of a truck driver with a service that includes equipment for handling and transporting goods. The driver is not a mover but he advises you about the load. Your stuff is covered by insurance and he drives the truck back to its starting point. No unpleasant surprises since gas and toll costs are included.

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