Professional: How to Support Solar Photovoltaics?

The energy sector is one of the most polluting in the world. This is why it is targeted as a lever on which to act in order to reverse the curve, and best protect natural resources. Solar energy is one of the most accessible clean energy resources. Professionals have the opportunity to support its development. The advantages of such an action are numerous for the company, for the local community and for the environment. You are a professional and you wish to contribute to the production of photovoltaic energy in France? How to proceed?

Professionals: consider installing a photovoltaic installation on the roof of your establishment

Inexhaustible, the sun sends us large amounts of energy. To take advantage of this, install the right device on the roof of your business building. The installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof offers you several purposes. You can do self-consumption, full resale or self-consumption and resale of excess energy. The larger the covered area, the more you will enjoy your setup. Outside the roof of the premises, you can use photovoltaic panels to cover the parking space. Hire a company that specializes in this type of installation and discuss your project with them.

Build a solar shed

In order to support solar photovoltaic, you can erect a solar shed. As you will read in detail on this site, the implementation of this infrastructure gives a real boost to the development of solar energy. Also called “photovoltaic park” or “solar farm”, a solar shed makes it possible to exploit the sun's rays over a vast area. This is the option taken by farmers who wish to engage in the energy transition. The installation of a solar shed is a financial investment made in the hope of a return on investment in the medium or long term. In this case, you will have to resell the electricity produced to the supplier EDF. You must declare your income which will be subject to photovoltaic taxation.

Invest in a solar energy company

In order to support solar photovoltaic, you can inject capital into a company that is evolving in the field. The goal will be to participate in the expansion of the company. In return, you will become the holder of shares within the structure. There are a multitude of types of companies in the sector. For example, you can opt for:

– a manufacturer of photovoltaic panel components, – a photovoltaic panel assembly company, – a photovoltaic energy producer, – a photovoltaic solar energy supplier, – a photovoltaic panel installation company, etc.

Outside of these companies, you can support solar PV by investing in a renewable energy-oriented stock index.

In addition, you have the possibility of playing your part in the production of green energy, without disbursing funds. Do you own a large professional building? Consider renting the roof. More and more companies are looking for well-located roofs. They undertake to invest entirely in the installation of photovoltaic panels. Do not hesitate to inquire with companies in the sector.

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